Sort byt returnt/allocation

Currently, the portfolio list by the app are sorted by alphabet. It would be useful to be able to create a “sort by” return/allocation toggle next to the filter toggle . This helps easily review the performance of portfolios easier.


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Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll pass it on for consideration and will keep you updated.

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Hey guys,

Fantastic work from the whole T212 team who have continued to add new features from time to time

Sorry if this has been asked already but I wanted to know if this feature will be added to the mobile app whereby we can filter/sort our investments from highest value to lowest. My assumption is that this is not something that should be too difficult to implement but please correct me if I’m wrong as my lack of coding/app development knowledge is minimal. If this is something that is already in the pipeline, when we could we see this added?



This would be handy. Currently, my 19th, 23rd, 24th and 27th biggest holdings appear at the top as it’s sorted alphabetically.

You can sort by holding value on the web platform. At the mo, I use a couple of workarounds in the app:

  1. I wrap all my individual holdings in pies to automate dividend reinvestment, so I number their names, eg 1 msft, 2 nvo, and so on, to get the biggest at the top.

  2. I also have a watchlist in roughly the right order so I can check my biggest holdings more quickly.

Obviously, neither’s an ideal solution though.

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