Split screen - disable


do you know how to disable split screen in T212 app ? I´m using app on Android tablet and this split screen was enabled by own self - maybe after update. I did not find any setting about split screen in the app.

Thank you for reply !

Hello and welcome to the community :wave:

The appearance of the split screen on larger devices, such as tablets, is an intended behavior. The app is designed to dynamically adapt to the available screen width. On devices with a larger screen, it will render content in a 1/2 column format to make the best use of the available space and enhance user experience.

As of now, there isn’t an option within the app to disable the split screen functionality.

I would appreciate it if you could share some specific feedback on why you are not enjoying the way it works now. This will help us understand client preferences and guide potential enhancements in future app updates.

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