Stock Comparer - Decent Stock Comparison Tool

For anyone interested in weighing up one stock against another;

Seems to cover technicals and fundamentals.


Any xp how up2date this tool/data is? Looks neat, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing the stock comparer
Have a fab weekend


No, unfortunately not. Haven’t explored it in great detail.

Do share any findings here.

Thanks for sharing Joe, looks decent.

Its a nice online comparison of simple statistics. I probably wouldn’t bother with the Premium as you can also do it yourself in say google sheets with most the data from googlefinance and a couple other sources.

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Can’t see that you can compare UK stocks?

See the American flag in the search bar? Click on that - you can select Australia, Canada, Chile, India, Taiwan, UK or US.

Wicked thanks, I’ll give it a go.