Stock request - CEMATRIX Corporation - CVX.V

Guys we all bought a good stock once in our lives because someone online told us to look it up, that’s what I’m doing here. look up cvx.v its a company with:
• a market cap of 42M and a share price of $0.68 CAD despite having a price target of $1.25
• Revenues of 30M which is projected to double next year to 60M
• 105M in Backlogged orders
• Current bid pipeline exceeds $379M
• Profitable with strong operating margins (approx. 25-30%)
• Well capitalized for growth – recently completed $5.5 million in financing
From Dec.2020 presentation ( page 4/39 )
When the us which is their biggest market and canada start to spend billions on infrastructure, cvx.v will 100% be getting a cut of it since they’re partnered with the biggest construction companies and north americas biggest concrete maker and seller lafarge

In the same December presentation they also showed how their products produce 75% less emissions, cost half as much and have their project finish 8 times faster than the products out today.

@David The ticker symbol is CTXXF and it is Penny Stock Exempt. Thanks in advance

How long do these stock requests usually take? Sad to see the stock going up when I am unable to buy…

@David My lord and saviour you are the only one I trust to get the job done. I believe you’re the CEO of most tickers added to T212. Make CVX.V, which is penny stock exempt, a reality :pray:

VTLR too please @David , it’s a Penny Stock Exempt :blush: