Stock Request: IUSN.DE

Can you please add: iShares MSCI World Small Cap UCITS ETF (Acc EUR) ticker [IUSN.DE] ISIN: IE00BF4RFH31. I know you already have this etf in USD, but it would be very useful in EURO for the European investors.

@Gebele1zis I’m curious why you care about having this in EUR version rather than USD. Since T212 make no charge for fx, it should make no practical difference to hold the USD version. It would matter if IUSN were currency hedged, but it is not. Am I missing something? Please don’t think I am criticising - I’m just trying to learn why one should care between different currency versions of the same fund when fx charges are not important. Both IUSN and WSML are the same fund, IE00BF4RFH31.

I think its just a matter of personal preference and comfort. I like to see stock in GBP as I am in the UK, and given the option would like to see the graphs in my currency too. It helps to not have to calculate conversions, but I don’t think that there is anything to be gained by having multiple versions of the same fund other than to confuse newcomers.

@Gebele1zis IUSN will be available later today.