[Stock Request] IXICO (IXI)

IXICO plc (formerly Phytopharm plc) is dedicated to delivering insights in neuroscience. IXICO’s data analytics services are used by the global biopharmaceutical industry to interpret data from brain scans and digital biosensors to enable better trial design, site qualification, patient selection and clinical outcomes. It provides technology-enabled services across all phases of clinical evaluation. Its integrated digital platform provides a scalable and secure infrastructure for the capture and analysis of regulatory compliant clinical data to enable clients to make rapid, better informed decisions. IXICO is also collaborating with partners to develop new analytical techniques and companion digital health products targeted at improving patient outcomes.

Share jumped from 0.28p in July 2019 to 0.92p today.

@Caius It’s live but I’d like to warn you that due to the company’s size & trading volume - the liquidity’s quite terrible.

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