[Stock Request] KWEB and CHIK


Can you add the following ETFs
CHIK - US37954Y5336



any news on this? I would really like to start investing heavily on them

Did you check to see if they are EU compliant?

If not there’s your news.

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Also, you only requested them 1 day ago.
T212 are currently focussed on getting Auto-Invest / Pies up and running hence they won’t be adding any non-IPO stocks in the next couple of months.

KWEB is UCITS and trades on London Stock Exchange so I see no issues there?

This one?

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Yep that’s the one. ISIN IE00BFXR7892

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Yep found it.


Looks like it ticks the boxes. Wonder if it’s newly passed the regulation, as HL isn’t usually slow updating.

Any news on this one?

Does anyone know how long it typically takes for requests to be applied?

Hi there

Any news on this request?

Also if you could add in KURE etf from KraneShares as well tracking for the China All Shares Healthcare Index.

Trading212 is quite short on Chinese ETFs.

Thank you so much