[STOCK REQUEST] Synairgen, Avacta (both AIM)


Would it be possible to add Synairgen (LSE/AIM: SNG)?

Thank you!

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Most LSE-listed securities are expected to be added soon:


Ah, didn’t see that! Guess we’ll wait to see it tomorrow!

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This doesn’t seem to have been added on the new list of 2,800 stock, so I’m just bumping this to note that I’m still requesting it.

Additionally, I saw Avacta (LSE/AIM: AVCT) yesterday, but couldn’t execute orders; and today it’s gone. Would it be possible to request this as well?


Been waiting for Avacta on LSE for ages EstonianBlue. Was hoping to was going to be added yesterday but it wasn’t :slightly_frowning_face:

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My previous thread got closed Re: Synairgen being added to T212, any updates in this mods?


Hi, Synairgen should be available tomorrow based on Davids response. Joey kindly requested the stock.

I also posted it here:

I have not been following the stock and don’t think that I’ll invest, but I thought that you’d all be interested to know.

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