Stock requests: ODX and SNG (UK)

Hi there,

Please could I request that the following stocks are added to your platform.

Omega Diagnostics - ODX
Synairgen - SNG

Both are very promising stocks in the fight against covid, with high volume and great prospects. Would really appreciate this, so I can have all of my holdings on 212 and also provide exposure to these fantastic stocks to your client base.

Both at UK AIM listed stocks.

Kind Regards,


I agree. Would love to see whole AIM on Trading212. Waiting for RBD to be added.



I requested SNG (Synairgen) and ODX (Omega Diagnostics) a few months ago. Unfortunately neither have been added to your platform. Both are AIM listed stocks with great prospects, please could you take a look at including these? I’d like to move my holdings from HL to 212.

NB. Great to see the recent influx of new tickers, really appreciate the constant flow of new companies being added.

Kind Regards,


8 days is a long time to jump in on a stock you’re after.
I too would like ODX on this platform.
Don’t really want to open an account on another platform to access this stock.

Hi Trading 212 team. Could you please add Synairgen (Ticker: SNG ; London Stock Exchange)?
Thank you!

Please can SNG stock be added

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