Stock Request: Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp (ZOM)

Is it possible to have this added on to the platform?

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@David any thoughts if this can be added or not please?

@cezar It can & most definitely will. We’re currently in the process of switching data feed providers & making big infrastructure changes. Once everything’s done, we’ll be able to add new instruments faster than ever.
Our main focus now is not to add new instruments but rather working on making the switch quicker. That’ll probably be the case until the end of this month.


Thanks for getting back @David, appreciate the update. Can’t wait for the new changes to come through and the new stocks to follow.

Thank you and the team for your work :slight_smile:

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Pls can you add Ergomed to tradable stocks, why is this stock not seen on here?

When would you add Ergomed ?