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Please add NLCP - Newlake Capital Partners


Newlake Capital Partners (NLCP) is now available, @Jace_Mindu. Enjoy!

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a) Hudbay Minerals Inc. with ticker HBM [NYSE]
b) Crescent Point Energy Corp with ticker CPG [NYSE] ( already in Uk platform )
be added ?

Thank you

Hey @noe.rocha :wave:

Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG) is now available on both platforms (EU & UK). Hudbay Minerals, Inc. (HBM) was also added, but only on the UK platform, for the time being.

We’ll give you the heads up once it is available on the EU platform as well.


Can the below be made fractional?
Placed a request around 2 months back. Will it take more time for this request?

ISIN: IE00BMFKG444 Ticker: XNAQ Currency: GBP (Xtrackers Nasdaq 100)
ISIN: IE00BZCQB185 Ticker:IIND Currency: GBP (iShares MSCI India UCITS ETF)
ISIN: LU1437018838 Ticker:EPRA Currency: GBP (Amundi Index FTSE EPRA NAREIT Global UCITS ETF DR)

Hello there, could you also add Pizza Pizza Royalty (PZRIF) please ?

It’s not penny stock exempt nor has it got enough volume to add unfortunately.

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Hello @Momchil.G , i cannot find Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG) on the platform, there is an CPG but its associated with the company Compass Group

Hi @noe.rocha,

Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG) should be available now. Could you try again and let us know if you can see the instrument?

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i can see it now. thank you !

Hey @m3talaxis, Pizza Pizza Royalty (PZRIF) isn’t available through our intermediary, so we won’t be able to add it for the time being. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

@vvsvin - XNAQ, IIND, and EPRA are now all available for fractional trading. :+1:

@Momchil.G Thank you very much for making XNAQ, IIND, and EPRA fractional.

Hey @noe.rocha, it’s me again :wave:

Hudbay Minerals, Inc. (HBM) is now available for trading on the EU platform as well.

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@Momchil.G Thank you !

Please add:

Name: iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3yr UCITS ETF (Dist)
Ticker: IBGS on Euronext Amsterdam

Enable fractional shares as well please.

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can you add, please:

enCore Energy Corp. - ENCUF - Penny Stock Exempt
Elevate Uranium LTD. ELVUF - Penny Stock Exempt
Bannerman Energy LTD. - BNNLF - Penny Stock Exempt
Deep Yellow Ltd. - DYLLF - Penny Stock Exempt
Gear Energy Ltd - GENGF - Penny Stock Exempt

Hi, can you add Country Garden?

It’s on the Hong Kong exchange, and I believe this is eligible on a ISA?

Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd

HKG: 2007

And can you add Country Garden?

Ticker: CTRYY

I don’t think 212 has access to the HK exchange.

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@HuskyDogg, iShares EUR Govt Bond 1-3yr UCITS ETF Class EUR Dist (IBGS) is now available, and you can trade it in fractional shares. Enjoy!

@noe.rocha, the instruments are unavailable on exchanges to which we have access.

@Mr.Trade, we do not have access to the Hong Kong stock exchange. The instrument has an OTC listing, but it’s not penny stock exempt, and we’ll not be able to add it.


Why are we unable to add the HK exchange
Isn’t it on IBKR?

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