Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

@Descartegger, we’ve added BrasilAgro - Co Brasileira de (LND). We won’t be able to add the Euro listing (52BA) as it’s not traded on one of our supported exchanges.

Hi T212, could you please add the EUR version (from the Exchange with the best liquidity) of the following ETFs and make it fractional too?

ISIN ETF Name Borsa Italiana Xetra
LU0321465469 Xtrackers Fed Funds Effective Rate Swap UCITS ETF 1C / Xtrackers USD Overnight Rate Swap UCITS ETF 1C XFFE XFFE (DXSZ)

Could you please also make the below ETF as fractional?

IE00BDQYWQ65 - iShares II plc - iShares $ Tips 0-5 [SXRH]

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Team212; @Bogi.H ; @B.E ; @Michael.M ; @Momchil.G , any update on my previous requests (6/July/2022)?

Thanks in advance.


Could you please add “Paradox Interactive”? It is listed in Interactive Brokers in Euro as “ETA”.

Thank you very much.

Please add SARK ETF

Turtle Capital Short Innovation

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Europe doesn’t allow US-domiciled ETFs.

Check the T212 financial instruments eligibility in here:

@Michael.M, any update on my request of 6/July/2022?

Can you add: Capitaland Investment Ltd.

It’s on OTC I think under these tickers:




I don’t think any of these are eligible to be added.

Let’s see as on the OTC market it doesn’t say if it’s eligible or not.

I couldn’t find CLILF or CHDLF on IB and they don’t seem to be penny stock exempt.
IB have C38U but it’s traded on the Singapore exchange which 212 don’t have access to.
I don’t think they can be added I’m afraid.


Hi @Team212; @Bogi.H ; @B.E ; @Michael.M ; @Momchil.G , any update on my previous requests (6/July/2022)?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the late reply, @RLX :pray:

SXRH is now available to be traded in fractions. We’ve also forwarded XFFE to be added - we’ll let you know once there is an update.

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What about my request?

I dont think CNC is on 212. I have checked in ISA.

+1 for CNC, its about damn time @Team212

You’ve literally posted the same request on 4 different topics at once. Calm down on the spam.

Actually, I only posted it once, I just replied on already existing requests to bring more awareness to it as it was first requested in 2020 and there has been no action on it since even though it’s been asked a few times since.

Not to mention, I can ask for it as many times as I want, its not spam if its adding on to what others want.

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Reported for this, no need to speak to any other like this. We are allowed to ask for as many requests as we want.

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Alright buddy :joy:

Spam ain’t allowed, and basic politeness (that you lack very much) is mandatory.


You’re insulting people (literally, I still have screenshots), taking a beef with me for nicely asking some user not to spam the forums, and asking me to grow up?

Alright buddy.