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please add


ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETF

Won’t be added, it is not penny stock exempt

@isistyle same with your GTLL request

See here for how to check if an OTC Markets traded stock is penny stock exempt:

Thanks for pointing that out!! but what i dont understand is they added stock that dont have the penny stock exempt badge, so i guess thats not the only thing we have to look at… anyway thanks!!

Hmmm, which stock out of interest?

atvk for example if you look it doesnt have the badge, but meets other criteria that makes it penny stock exempt… i guess the easiest way for us is to look for that badge

It’s one of the ETFs I already asked @Team212 to add, as part of the iShares Factor ETF Family in Euros.

Now that Trading 212 is committed to expand the offer of the existing markets, I expected that kind of requests (EUR-denominated financial instruments) will have more attention.

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please add TSNP :interrobang:, VDRM :no_entry_sign:, HYSR :no_entry_sign:, SIRC :no_entry_sign:, IQST :white_check_mark:, BSLP :no_entry_sign:, AITX :no_entry_sign:, ENZC :no_entry_sign:, OZSC :no_entry_sign:…thank you. Great job btw to you all



Can you please add Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF?



To whom it may concern:

Can you please add these tickers?

$TSNP - Tesoro Enterprises, Inc.
$OPTI - Optec International Inc
$MFLB - Major League Football Inc.
$VDRM - Viaderma Inc.
$OZSC - Ozop Energy Solutions Inc
$DLOC - Digital Locations Inc.
$ALYI - Alternet Systems, Inc.
$AITX - Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.
$TPTW - TPT Global Tech Inc. :soon:
$AABB - Asia Broadband Ord Shs
$LLLI - Lamperd Less Lethal Inc.
$SIRC - Solar Integrated Roofing Corp

I hope you add them ASAP.



As a fellow trader, I support this request!


$HVBTF :white_check_mark:
$MVMDF :no_entry_sign:
$DOCRF :no_entry_sign:
$PLTXF :soon:
$USDR :no_entry_sign:
$IFNNY :white_check_mark:

Please add these one for us.

That’s already there

would be good to add these ticker ASAP. :rocket:


I recently posted with a similar request so yes please!!

These tickers seems to be garnering a lot of attention and popularity. Appears to be great additions. Could you please be kind to add them to the broker please? Much appreciated.


Would it be possible to add DTIL as a CFD tradeable stock please?

Yes I am also looking for this stock to be added $LIT.

I am also looking for $FTCVU :white_check_mark:

Can you add $ALPP on ISA? I want to buy and forget :smiley: :no_entry_sign:


Would love to see
EHang Holdings NASDAQ: EH
added to ISA platform.




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