Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Thanks random53 , says its listed on the main market - maybe market cap is too small though

Haa… this is so friustating

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@Bogi.H I see this was added as MTSUY, thanks.

Could you enable fractional shares as well? Thanks!

Is there a specific reason that MTSUY was added instead of MSBHF? The latter has much greater volume.

@Bogi.H Are there plans to add stocks from the Tokyo stock exchange in the near future?

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Hi, everyone :wave:

@Etypsyno, the instrument is added, but buy orders with it cannot be facilitated at the moment by our intermediary.

@HuskyDogg, done :heavy_check_mark: On a side note, we plan to add another exchange soon, but it won’t be the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Currently, we have CFD stocks from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

@PeakOwl, UBS Irl ETF plc - Factor MSCI USA Quality ESG Dist (UC99) is now available.

@Brok, @noe.rocha, we don’t support ASX1 & SSX3, so @random53 is right - we won’t be able to add them.

@renebull, we added Dino Polska (DNOPY).

@Cifa, we added Enphase Energy (E0P) and Palantir Technologies (PTX).

@alemobile, we added L&G Clean Water (Acc) (GLUG) and will check your request for Vaneck Uranium And Nuclear Ucits Etf (NUCL).

Have a lovely weekend ahead :tada:


can you please add Teekay Tankers Ltd. (NYSE:TNK)
to the EU entity?


Thank you! Just brought my first little tranche! :blush:

Hey Tony, would you be able to add the below, please

Euronext Growth Paris

In addition, could you kindly add ISIN IE00BF2B0L69 Franklin European Quality Dividend UCITS ETF either from Xetra or Borsa Italiana (ticker: FLXD) or from LSE with ticker FRXD. Trading currency EUR.

Could you please add VanEck AEX UCITS ETF with ISIN NL0009272749 traded on the Amsterdam Stock Exhange. It helps Dutch customer against dividend leakage. Thank you in advanance!

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Please add
TER 0.03%

#Nihon Falcom

Hi @Dean1, Nihon Falcom on the japanese exchange can’t be added as T212 don’t have access to that exchange. There’s a list here of markets and segments T212 do have access to along with some other requirements before they can consider adding a stock: Stocks & ETFs requests Help - :mailbox_with_mail: Stocks & ETFs requests - Trading 212 Community.

I’m not sure about VLGEA as it looks to be on the NASDAQ - someone from T212 will review and come back to you about this when they review this thread.

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Please add stock ticker is: $SGN
Full name: Signing Day Sports, Inc

Hi there,

Could you kindly please add the following stocks:

  • Investor AB - STO: INVE-A
  • Aker ASA - AKER:OSL
  • Saras Group - SRS:MIL
  • Webuild SpA - WBD:MIL
  • Prada Group - 1913:HKG
  • Bucher Industries AG - BUCN:SWX

Many thanks for considering!


Hi @PrudentRabbit you might want to check this post for the available exchanges: Stocks & ETFs requests Help - :mailbox_with_mail: Stocks & ETFs requests - Trading 212 Community

I’m not sure any of your requests can be added (potentially BUCN is a possibility) but someone from T212 will confirm once they’ve reviewed.


BNP Paribas Easy ECPI Global ESG Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF EUR


Thank You!

Appreciate it if you could add :

X-trackers (IE) PLC X S&P 500 Equal Weight Ticker: XDWE (Or make EWSP iShares S&P 500 Equal Weight UCITS ETF, which is already listed, available for buys).

Why now could be the time to switch to an equal-weight S&P 500 ETF | AJ Bell

Also, you’ve added a newly launched Wisdom Tree Quality Dividend one, this time based on the UK, but its not yet tradable in an ISA? I presume it is ISA eligible, as all the other WT Quality Div ETF’s are - in which case, please can you add/allow us to buy?

WisdomTree UK Quality Dividend Growth UCITS ETF Ticker: UGRW

UK Quality Dividend Growth: a new way to invest in UK equities GB | WisdomTree Europe

Thank you!

please can you make plexus tradable again. This has 10x in a few weeks and 212 at no point allowed me to get in

Kind request to add:

VanEck Vectors Global Equal Weight UCITS ETF [TGET] NL0009690221 Euronext Amsterdam

VanEck AEX UCITS ETF [TDT] NL0009272749 Euronext Amsterdam