Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

I don’t know if this LP have an exemption, but most of LP were kicked off from T212 in Jan 2023 due to US taxation modifications. You can check it in here:


You might be interested in this

Invesco Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP (Dist)

Thanks for the info!

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Hi, could you please add the following index funds as I wish to transfer in from Interactive Investor when they are set up for in-specie transfers:

L&G global health & pharma index I acc (ISIN GB00B0CNH387)
HSBC American index C acc (ISIN GB00B80QG615)
L&G global emerging markets index I acc (GB00B4KBDL25)
Artemis US Smaller companies I acc (ISIN GB00BMMV5766)
HSBC FTSE 250 Index C acc (ISIN GB00B80QG052)
Jupiter strategic bond I acc (ISIN GB00B4T6SD53)
AXA Framlington fintech fund Z acc (ISIN GB00B5BHKC62)

Welcome to our community.

T212 only offers listed securities, meaning, stocks and ETPs (ETFs/ETCs/ETNs), as mentioned in the topic name. Those are mutual/investment funds (not listed securities).

Before requesting anything take a look in here: :point_down:

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Just to add to the above, you can find more or less equivalent ETFs to most of those.

The only one that might be tricky to replicate would be the strategic bond fund.

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Is it possible to add the following funds,

SCHG -Schwab US large cap growth
SCHD - Schwab US dividend equity

Thanks, Chris

Please add the ETF - RSP
I believe the SnP-500 is great but as the top companies are making the most growth right now and are getting overvalued I would like to invest into the SnP a little bit differently.
Thank you

Great to see JGRE is now available on T212. Many thanks !

I think this is a US ETF which can’t be added due to EU rules around disclosure.

Some equivalent trackers can be found below, I’d imagine some are already on T212:

First, thanks for adding EXUS to the list of available ETFs. Now, I’d like to request the EUR version of these two ETFs that are already available in USD:

Could you please add:

+3x Long Taiwan Semiconductor , ISN: XS2399365043, Ticker: 3TSM on the Euronext Exchange.

Thanks in advance!

Indivior PLC on the NASDAQ

Could you please add the ASML 3x Leveraged etf ISN: CH1123124583 Ticker: IX3XASML

or any equivalent.


can you add more crypto etps like : uniswap CH1135202096?

Good to see some highly requested ETFs were added (EXUS, JEPG, and more). Thank you T212 team!

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For crypto ETPs, specially mention that the requests are for the T212 EU platform (Trading 212 Cyprus). :wink:

For all members:
When requesting anything, it’s better to specify the T212 platform, due that there are some differences between all three T212 platforms (UK/EU/AU).

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Is it possible to please get the LSE GBP version of this stock:

InteractiveBrokers link

LSE link

T212 UK

Please increase BJDX Bluejay Diagnostics Inc to at least £300 worth of shares available to purchase.

As currently it is only £78 and not worth buying.

Thank you kindly.

Hello, it’s possible to add
TMQ - TRILOGY METALS INC NEW, currently on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) on T212 Europe platform ?

Thank you