Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Bump @Martin@Vedran - are you aware if this exchange is possible?

Also like to add weight to this request. Rio Can REIT is a stock I would like to see on Trading 212 platform.

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Please can you add Chinese stock Sungrow

I too would like to see this added. Can put it in my Property Pie

Gangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Motors) OTC:GNZUF - Big Chinese EV play

Coul you please add BYD Co Ltd Chinese eV [OTCMKTS BYDDF) ?

There are a lot os people in this threat have been asking. It is only that they put it in the wrong threat, so no attention has been given

Warren buffet owned a large number of share in this company as well.

Do our stock requests get seen here?
If so would love just a quick acknowledgement. Thinking that most of these posts get overlooked. Hope that’s not the case!

Please ,
Add to ISA

• IRSA Propiedades Comerciales SA

Hi there,

I´m working on an High dividend Pie and unfortunately I´m missing some stocks. Can you please add:

EARN - Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT
PYN - PIMCO New YOrk Mnicipal Income Fund III
ECC - Eagle Point Credit Company

Thank you!

Please add lyxor Dow Jones Global titans 50 etf LSE: MGTU FR0007075494.
Thank you

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Add Weichai Power Ord Shs H pls

Please add the following:

  • VUAG - Can this be made fractional please.
  • RBTX - RBOT is available on T212 but that’s in USD and I need the GBX version which is RBTX.


Please can you add Golden Prospect Precious Metals Ltd Investment Trust GPM:LSE

This has already been requested by others. Any update on this?

Please Add:

Euronext: CDA - Compagnie des Alpes



Both OTC

Hi @David @Martin @PeterA

Hope you’re all keeping well.

If possible could you please add Dalata Hotel Group PLC (IE00BJMZDW83) to the platform? I can see other Irish small caps such as Cairn Homes PLC on the the platform so not sure why Dalata isn’t available, perhaps there is a reason.

Many Thanks

Hi @David @PeterA @Martin @Tony.V

thanks for your work and I hope you´re all well.

Can you please add Xiaomi (KYG9830T1067) to the platform. If possible could you make Arbor Realty Trust (US0389231087) investable in a basket?

Many Thanks

At the beginning of May I requested Aedifica, (Stocks & ETFs requests - add here), but I requested the Belgian listing which apparently isn’t as accessible to T212.

Aedifica luckly also has a listing on Euronext Amsterdam so I would kindly ask if it could be added, especially as it is one important part of the BEL 20 (it has a market cap of ~€3B).

ISIN: BE0003851681
Trades on euronext amsterdam and euronext brussels
Ticker: AED