Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Can you please make $WTRG & $MGRC available for Fractional shares & inclusion in pies.



Hi Tony
trading 212 is missing some great canadian stock i have posted them earlier
sending the list again below



for real Canadian stock selections, we first need the Canadian stock exchange :man_shrugging: OTC won’t be enough I fear.

FAZ ETF Please! From direxion


Please add ECC ticker symbol

Eagle Point Credit Company Inc :soon:

They are similar to oxford lane capital fixed income

PIMOC high income fund ticker symbol PHK :no_entry_sign:
AllianzGI Convertible&Income Fund ticker symbol NCV :no_entry_sign:

Could you please add these ETFs:
db x-trackers MSCI Nordic UCITS DR 1D (XDN0), IE00B9MRHC27
iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF (DE) (0MLJ), DE0005933956
L&G Healthcare Breakthrough UCITS ETF (DOCT), IE00BK5BC677
WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF - USD Acc (WTAI), IE00BDVPNG13

When I search in the mobile app, it doesn’t find EMQQ (IE00BFYN8Y92), but when I search in the browser, it does find it. Why is that?


guys pl add CLA and HAACU on ISA side

@David; @Martin; @Team212, could you add SANTA for December 25th? :christmas_tree: :gift:

Just kidding.

Happy Christmas for all. Stay Safe.


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Could you please add fractional shares for:

WisdomTree Battery Solutions (VOLT)
WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence (WTAI)

Thank you!

why is $AUT on the CFD platform but not on the invest platform?

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Please add Gigcapital2 wt (gix-ws) :white_check_mark:

Please can you add:
GCAC also under: ( FUAPF/APP ) depending on which market it’s trading on. :white_check_mark:

Please add IVPAF. Thank you! :no_entry_sign: (average volume too low)

Could you please add those stocks:
emerge commerce ($ecom.v) :no_entry_sign:
Namaste Technologies ($NXTTF) :soon:
Global uav technology ($YRLLF) :no_entry_sign:
Plymouth Rock technology ($PLRTF) :no_entry_sign:
Galaxy digital ($GLXY) :no_entry_sign:
Grayscale Bitcoin trust($GBTC) :no_entry_sign:
Good natured product ($GDNP) :no_entry_sign:
Bio solar ($BSRC) :interrobang: :interrobang:
Ascent solar technology ($ASTI) :no_entry_sign:
Enerkon solar international ($ENKS) :no_entry_sign:
Thanks you very much
Have a good day !!


Can you add PHIL :no_entry_sign: (not Penny Stock Exempt)

PHI Group


Also SANP :no_entry_sign:

Santo Mining

BOXS breaking 03! new CEO Andrew Boutsikakis took $MJNE to $4 in 2018 with a 62M OS, this has the potential to be huge. :no_entry_sign:

Can you please add

Baillie Gifford AMERICAN FUND

ISIN: GB0006061963