Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Can you please add: AFPW,NECA,DGB.X, COWI, HBRM. :no_entry_sign:

Thank you.

Hi @David; @Martin; @PeterA; @Tony.V; @Team212 could you add these ETFs denominated in EUR?



Can you add LON:BIRG please? :white_check_mark:


Can you please add the following stocks

NASDAQ: SNDL - Sundial Growers Inc :white_check_mark:
OTCMKTS: SIRC - Solar Integrated Roofing Corp :no_entry_sign:
OTCMKTS: HYSR -Sunhydrogen Inc :no_entry_sign:

These stocks will rise in 2021.
Please add them to Invest & CFD.

Thank You


Bilibili Inc - ADR on NASDAQ. :white_check_mark:
Ticker: BILI


Hello can you add HPST please :no_entry_sign:

That’s already available on t212

Please add: RDGL :no_entry_sign:

Please add ticker KULR :no_entry_sign:


Hi @David; @Martin; @PeterA; @Tony.V; @Team212 could you add these new stocks and make them fractional stocks ?

Thanks in advance.

It seems new stocks are currently on hold until existing stocks are fractionalised.

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Please add ESPO - Xetra (EUR) thanks :white_check_mark:
@Team212 @David @PeterA @Tony.V

Could you please consider adding iShares Edge MSCI World Value Factor UCITS ETF (IWVL) - ISIN: IE00BP3QZB59

Can you add VanEck Vectors eSports, GBP currency, ticker: ESGB

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Please add OTC stock VRYYF - the very good food company Inc. :no_entry_sign:

Hi please could you add BITF - BITFARMS LTD :white_check_mark:

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Please could you add SNST & BOXS



Please could you consider adding $ICTY


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they added some new otc stocks!!!

Hyundai motor. LSE:HYUD :white_check_mark: