Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

I can’t help it, I punish anyone who spells my name without an E. :wink:


Guys we need news its been a week since you ‘restricted’ penny stocks! Whats happening?

@David @Tony.V

Hi, can we get FSP - Franklin Street Properties Corp. from AMEX. Thanks

Can you please add the following stocks.

MSCI :interrobang:
AJG :white_check_mark:
Pool :white_check_mark:
lseg :white_check_mark:
mxcl :no_entry_sign:
cpic :no_entry_sign:
maw :no_entry_sign:


Thanks Dao for reply … this is OTC and exempt so if not ISA then can this be added to invest ? Br

it would be able to add to Invest if the market cap and liquidity is high enough for T212 to be willing to do so. we don’t have any concrete examples of what is enough, however market cap of at least 100million seems to be a good start.


Please add: DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., ticker: DMGGF
OTCQB Member since 2018
Penny Stock Exempt

They are doing an offering at the moment and have institutional interest to buy 70 mil worth of stock which they will invest in expanding their crypto mining operations. This is a 3x opportunity at least, in the next 30 days, so the sooner we have access to it , the better. Current Market Cap is: 302 mil , however it dropped in the last days with the Market correcting and with the stock offering, this will fly to 500 mil+ in no time and 1 billion+ one month from now.

Please add this if you can :slight_smile:
Thank you !


Many Thanks Dao … just to confirm the ticker is TSNPD - Tesoro Enterprises ( penny stock exempt)

guys i don’t think we will see any new penny stocks very soon :slightly_frowning_face:

Personally, I think that unless the added penny stocks are unblocked, it is useless to add new requirements for penny stocks, which will still not be heard.

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Greetings, I would like to request the following ETC to be added:

This ETC is already available on Trading212 in USD on the London Stock Exchange. It would be nice if the XETRA version in EUR could be added as well, specially due to the new FX fees that are cumming up.

Please let me know if you require any additional information :slight_smile:


Hi @David, what’s the chance of also adding XZMJ :no_entry_sign: and QDVG :white_check_mark: for my next buy in the coming days? XZMJ even has more volume on Xetra than on LSE. Thanks.

Please add Origo Partners PLC ($OPP) : LSE :white_check_mark:

Please add Invesco Financials S&P US Sel Sector UCITS ETF Acc.


Please add SunOpta, Inc. (NASDAQ: STKL) :white_check_mark:


Please add ETFMG Alternative Harvest (NYSEARCA: MJ)


Made a separate post: Factor Based Investing with Pies

Would like the following shares to be able to purchase as fractional shares so they can be put in pies:

JPGL (JPLG as an alternative)
IWQU (IS3Q or IWFQ as an alternative)
MVEU (EUN0, IMV or IMVU as an alternative)

Would like the following shares to be available at all and also able to purchase as fractional shares so they can be put in pies:

WVAL (VALW as an alternative)
EMVL (5MVL as an alternative)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @Team212 @Tony.V @David
Would like the following shares to be able to purchase as fractional shares so they can be put in pies:

NYSE - FMS - Fresenius Medical Care AG& Co
NYSE - SJM - JM Smucker

and please make
JEPI - JP Morgan Equity Premium Income ETF link below

thanks in advance

Please can I request Sabien Technology Group PLC (£SNT) be added :soon:

Thanks in advance (if possible)

Can these ETFs be added trader with EUR.