Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Reported for this, no need to speak to any other like this. We are allowed to ask for as many requests as we want.

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Alright buddy :joy:

Spam ain’t allowed, and basic politeness (that you lack very much) is mandatory.


You’re insulting people (literally, I still have screenshots), taking a beef with me for nicely asking some user not to spam the forums, and asking me to grow up?

Alright buddy.


Where’s that Putin statement again?


Another one for @Zergui 's collection of adult responses.

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Question, are you a part of the 212 team?

You don’t seem to understand what spam is, I commented on already existing requests for the stock showing my support.

No need for your input in the first place if you have no power to actually add the stock.

Not to mention, who made you the posting police? last I checked I am allowed to post on anything I want so you can take your higher-than-mighty attitude elsewhere if you have a problem with me requesting a stock.


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How’s it spam when posting related comments on topics, said posts are linked to? Your mini modding is not needed.

Calm your toxicity down.


Alright, since apparently it’s a debate, here we go:


Point is, i’ve asked (nicely) to keep it concise and not spam across multiple topics.

Apparently people want to start some feud with that, go for it guys. You’re not fooling anybody. Just take the feedback and keep civil.

This has gone for too long, so i’m out. Be like our friend Mr Trade here, keep at this and you may find the community growing more hostile every time.



Maybe you would benefit from not mini-modding as our friend @A_A coined.

Because… the guideline says ‘Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics’.

You have a screenshot of me NOT posting the samething in multiple topics?

None of my 4 posts are posting the same thing, if you actually read them you might just be able to make out the fact that they are all different.

If you want to police what people post then make sure they are actually breaking the rules.

Also, where did you ask me ‘nicely’ not to do it? In no post did I hear any magic words along the line of ‘thank you’, ‘please’ or ‘kindly’ so I would appreciate if you just mind your own business and if you don’t like my posts then just carry on, no need to reply to them.


Your posts are the same thing. You know full well what you’re doing.


Appreciate your input, we will agree to disagree. As they say, ‘Opinions are like noses, everyone has one’ and on this, our opinions differ.

Clearly, they are not the same though they are asking for the same thing because get this… they are all replies to threads asking for the same stock.

There are only so many ways you can ask for a stock to be added without having to write an essay to show you want it.

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@MRajwani just to confirm your requests to add CNC cannot be actioned. Interactive Brokers do not support the ASX1 market, so 212 can’t add it.

There is also a thread that has a link so you can check the criteria that users on this forum have gathered so we can check if stocks can be added, as on occasion sometimes 212 get it wrong.

You’ll need to buy CNC elsewhere.

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Please, could you add the next stocks in their European market in €?

FRA: VNX - NXP Semiconductors

EPA: STM - STMicroelectronics

EPA: ALKAL - Kalray SA


@antonk1306 - see below

Please add ProPhase Labs Inc (PRPH)

Hey, @Blanka - I’ll forward that request for a review right away, and I’ll let you know once I’ve got an update.

Thanks for the suggestion :handshake:

@B.E can this be added? Can you confirm as on the OTC site it didn’t mention if it’s exempt

It’s still under review, so I can’t say for certain yet. I’ll update the thread as soon as I have more information :pray:

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