T212 Silence mode for requests

What is needed to have at least an answer about the numerous requests for new Stocks and ETFs that everyone asks to for?

Because there are no additions and not even a simple answer about it. It’s total radio silence for some people. T212 ignoring his customers.

Days, weeks, months pass by and there are several dozens or more of requests for new additions. No answer, no action.

Even when after some months of the new additions are made, several stocks and ETFs are still be made fractional, a half-done work.

Case Study:
An example, so many people have asked Prosus, after some months it’s finally added.

After 5 MONTHS is still to be fractional.

There are lots of such examples, Stocks and ETFs.

It’s becoming annoying and frustrating to have this kind of service. Everyday it pass, more close I’m going to leave, and with me, will go several accounts totaling more than 6 figures.

I rather prefer to pay to have a good service, than have a mute or ignoring customer service,


so what stock or etf are you requesting in this post? if none, perhaps you have posted to the wrong category?

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If this category is about “Stocks & ETFs requests”, it’s in the right category, due to lack of any type of answer or action about the numerous requests.

I’m starting to wonder that it’s irrelevant to ask for new additions and ask to make Stocks and ETFs fractional, because no one answers to the several requests and none is added.

Maybe some are more special than others, instead of all customers are important.

Do you know how much Stocks and ETFs I’ve asked to be added and made fractional in the last year that were really added and made fractional??

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There is a huge demand for instruments to be listed, however, it takes time for us to review and potentially process any one of them.

When considering an instrument’s addition, its technical and fundamental factors are taken into account to evaluate if it is a good fit. You can be confident that all suggestions are reviewed & taken into account, and the respective stocks and ETFs are added if it is feasible.

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So you can explain why I and others ask for new additions and fractional additions, we got no answer and no addition. But we see that one particular customer have his requests been realized by you every day he asks for, that is, all week days.

I’m asking since September for new additions and fractional additions, Trading 212 don’t say anything to me. After 8 MONTHS, finally I had some new additions, but none is fractional. (And my requests are Large Caps/ UCITS ETFs in existing T212 exchanges with transaction volume.)

What is your criteria to the requests? We know that isn’t first asked first serve, because people are ask for months and only a customer can have his requests fulfilled.

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This is not strictly true right. How many stocks have you requested and had added recently?

You have to look at it from another point of view. Multiple people are asking the same question, and the volume of customers there now are, the process is clearly not efficient for anyone, and we are not helping/providing solutions. There needs to be a more efficient mechanism to get securities on the platform, I would agree with that, and a means to cut out the noise, so that a stock is only requested once, and the more people ask it, the higher it gets up the food chain. That would be a fair means.

Then we can have an answer if the security is in a position to be added, and any criteria it has not met. The later would be useful should the situation change, and it can be revisited.

All the Stocks and ETFs I request met the criteria, eligibility, volume, existing exchange, UCITS ETFs, no Penny Stocks.

None of my requests were made fractional so far, after 8 months. My oldest requests were added after 8 months. But I see other more recent requests made fractional and being added on a daily basis. Only ask for a fair treatment.

Btw, other T212 competitors do weekly additions. For example, Freetrade.
Degiro and several Portuguese investment banks add new Stocks and ETFs only a couple of days after a customer do the request and gives feedback to the customers.


I would tend to agree. My question would be why IPOs with limited interest are seemingly prioritised over making the available pool of ETFs fractional, which would seem to be much more useful for the wider community. As an example, there are still no artificial intelligence-themed ETFs that are fractional on the platform. Last year there were weekly fractional share additions, but this fell off the radar and there have been no updates on this for quite some time.


I must agree with @RLX because I made unfortunately the same experience the last months. The situation is very unsatisfactory.

The least would be to get a response from T212 why the requested stock was not added or make fractional!


Just to remember a post made on 28/September/2020. Take your own considerations:

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PROSUS: A Case Study

Some posts asking for Prosus to be added and/or be fractional:

Note: Prosus was finally added on 4/October/2020 (still not fractional).

May 19, '20 4:34 PM

May 20, '20 12:09 PM - Several people asking for Prosus:

Aug 17, '20 1:38 AM - Several people asking for Prosus:

Sep 1, '20 3:32 AM - Several people asking for Prosus:

Sep 9, '20 8:48 PM - Several people asking for Prosus:

Jan 22, 9:50 PM

Feb 2, 10:02 AM

Feb 2, 6:31 PM

Feb 12, 11:46 AM


thanks for this @Y.M , but in the case of Prosus, it is simply a matter of making it fractional, which if i look at quite a few requests in the past few weeks (if not months) have been very quick to be turned around. some within a matter of mins actually! not sure what the hold up is with Prosus as i’m pretty sure it is a liquid stock given the demand here itself.

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@Y.M My sincerest apologies but I have 0% confidence that you evaluating technical and fundamental factors Many of the gigantic companies mentioned are ignored for so long but some random penny stock or sh*t IPO added and fractioned instantly because it is (or may be) popular.

I still have the chat log with support, telling them if “no berkshire hathaway is not a penny stock…”

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But Prosus is fractional as I see it right now?

Looks like it is(which was not a very short while ago, may be not even today?), which proves two things

  • it is not that hard
  • whinging works…

professional vs family business: “I know you spent whole day writing the budget report but apparently my mom threw it away”

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I get what you mean but I’m not certain that a business can fulfill all requests out there - buy oranges wherever you find those as they say (no hard feelings at all, just sharing my point)

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It was until a few minutes ago, not fractional. After seeing this news, I open the Prosus Details:

So I refreshed the T212 page, and now it’s fractional. After all not so technically difficult.

What is needed to do the same for other stocks and ETFs?

aha, well i’ll be fair then. if i can keep shouting at them for not doing something then i can commend them for doing something too. thank you T212, a little late but you made a well sought after stock fractional today, appreciate it.


Herein lies the problem. The current request system means you really have to beat the drum if you’d like something to be added. I’d quite like SAIN to be fractional but the unit price is only £4-5 a pop and I’m hesitant to harangue staff just to make something a little more convenient for me. The request system’s long overdue an overhaul, hopefully it won’t be too long before that happens. :crossed_fingers:


I have a growing backlog of Stocks and ETFs for several months (like many others) that are common with other people, the Prosus is only an example (it wasn’t even the Stock that I most “urgent” needed).

Like other people also have made requests for months and not even got a simple answer or feedback.