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Seriously, is there any point to stock requests if they are not taken on-board?e.g GRAF has been requested nearly 4 weeks ago, yet it hasn’t even been added, even though it is very popular with the t212 community here. @Team212 @David

have some patience. there are stocks request much further back that haven’t been added yet either. there’s a limit to what the team can do while also bringing out new features and bug-fixes.

for the record, forum requests don’t equate to a proof of popularity. they are a proof that people do want them yes, but T212 are serving over 400,000 accounts, not 20 or 30. with that comes a lot of work.


Yes exactly, there are even older requests that have not been added, but surely the whole point of having the community is to take on-board the feedback. I don’t think any of the stocks here are being added on the request of the community, only ones added are the ones in their plans. Hence if the requests are not being taken onboard, it would be nice for a T212 member to come along and let the community know, so people don’t keep making threads pleading for new stocks to be added.

Don’t just stand here and watch the threads, why not update people that these will not be added for the time being because the team is busy? I’d say that would be great engagement with the community /Customers.

Also, it does equate to some popularity, although limited to the members of the forum. I don’t think you can justify it by saying it comes with a lot of work, of course it does, just like any business.

I had 80% of my requests fulfilled, remaining 20% are fractional shares request created in May/June.

So I would say due to increase in demand, capacity of workforce and general state, we are required to have extra patience.


There have been numerous posts from the T212 team saying that stock additions have been paused with the focus on making everything fractional for the time-being.

I’d imagine hundreds of stocks have been added at the behest of the community already, and I’m sure T212 will add many more as soon as practically possible.

As @Dao says, have a little patience. T212’s dealing with a lot of new users as well as rolling out some game-changing features, such as pies/autoinvest, and all against a backdrop of a global pandemic and highly volatile economic circumstances.

I requested edtech company Chegg nearly two months ago but throwing my toys out of the pram’s not going to see it added any sooner!

No one is throwing any toys out of the pram, you can read into my post as you like.
Maybe one of of the numerous posts you mention should be a sticky then to say new additions are paused. People may have missed these posts, and hence why there are multiple new threads, some requesting the same stocks.

Patience isn’t something that works with a trading market, especially in the current climate and with high volatility, as if a stock isn’t added in good time, then you most likely miss an opportunity to see a return on your investment, at least in the short term.

I can understand the team may be small, and there has been an increase in demand so all I am saying is a little more communication wouldn’t go a miss.

I tend to agree with this, I doubt T212 team will dig through all posts for the last few months and add each stock requested, they will probably just add a whole bunch randomly. Maybe just lock this section instead of removing.

Yeh maybe they can lock it. I guess sifting through the posts isn’t efficient so maybe there can be a better approach. Maybe have one of the forum leaders here gather all requests every few days or week to add them in bulk.

I mean I am not having a go at the team, I understand there may be some current resourcing constraints but I guess it is also a bit frustrating for the community too as they are heavily invested/committed to the platform and wanting it to be their goto platform for stocks but many are not available, which are currently making gains.

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Everyone needs to remember … a tiny little thing called a global pandemic just happened. Just saying.

So I don’t mind cutting them some slack considering.


Let’s remember stocks are still being added. SOLO added today. WKHS, SHLL, BYFC, KTOV, UONE, all added last week. Hype stocks.

It’s a big enough ask to have the team respond to any requests with increasing membership, beta testing on pies, countless individual issues going on (see the Help section), but to ask with zero notice because you just caught the hype on a penny stock is demanding a bit too much.

@hmodh I know that’s not what you’re talking about. The Graf acquisition is fairly well known by now so I feel your pain. I wouldn’t lock the section. If enough people bang the drum the team see it and try and get them added in their quieter moments I’m sure. See the above examples as prime examples of this.

My advice would be find another platform offering it or let it go. There’ll be plenty other trains to jump on. NIO, SOLO, BLNK all, soared today. LMND is still going.

I’m guessing you want that stock for the short term growth of it. If you’re in for the long haul or you believe in the company, the misses now shouldn’t matter too much. But they’re still getting around to the ones they can.

Also… Where would I put the new IPO requests…? :man_shrugging:

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