Taking some profit back

Can I just say I’m not after causing an argument I was just asking what people thought.
The reason I asked is I am now wondering if I’m in the right game at my age and with what little money I have.
I’m not investing large amounts because I can’t afford it, I am showing a profit in my investments but it is nothing to write home about it is only a few £’s.
I feel I’m wasting my time with this, I should have started many years ago, may be then I might feel different.
I’ve read posts where some are saying they have £1000’s of pounds to invest, wow! I wish I had that in my bank in the first place, I’m not knocking those that have that kind of money to invest I wish them lots of luck, I haven’t so like I said, I may be in the wrong game here.

Split your investments and decide how much risk you want. As you are young you have time on your side to play higher risk but it doesn’t mean to have to. You could pick a few blue chip like AAPL and be pretty safe in knowing in 5, 10 etc years it’ll most likely be nicely in profit.

You could always have fun with a smaller portion on penny stocks etc where you attempt to swing trade in a week or so. But be prepared to lose before you understand what’s going on. The odds are stacked without knowledge, so it’ll be lucky dip in timing and succeeding.

I find it satisfying getting 50% return in a week than waiting years. But it’s easy to lose it all, if you are just chucking it in all in :crossed_fingers:

I’ve found you can go through lots of cash learning how to day and swing trade. Always best to use the practice (only playing with the same as you have in real life) but you need to have real money on the line to actually learn I’ve found.

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Hi Phil,
Yes I do use the practice and I also use it like it was my real money, it is tempting not to sometimes.
I have in the past started over again on another system, sometimes it looks like it is working other times I abandon and start another tactic, but it is safe in there I know and it is interesting a kind of fun too.
I’m 72 and waiting 5 years or more at my age can be a long time, like I said above I should have done this years ago.

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Apologies I thought you had said elsewhere you were 18. :flushed:

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Ha Ha, at 18 I was a rocker, motorcycles and girls, rock and roll etc.
I had spent my wages by the middle of the week, newspapers like the Financial times were good for starting to light the fire in the mornings lol, reading that was all gobaldy gook then.

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See this legendary post from a few months ago. I’m a big proponent of doing exactly as you suggest, taking profit when my positions rise a significant amount. I’ll usually keep some for myself and reinvest some.

Another user, @pipo, was on a witch hunt trying to have me shot for holding this opinion.


Hi Ciaran,
I once saw a video about a year ago when I first thought of investing, there were some of guy who had made it rich in a few months, I tend to ignore those.
There was one who said when he started he made a few pounds and as time went on he got better at investing and his money grew.
At first he was just dabbling at it so to speak but then he started to get more serious, after a time he did as you said, he started to take some of the profit, he then said he was then making a living out of it rather than just the odd spend on a luxury.

I usally never say this. Ever.

But go for pharamcy stocks. More specificly penny stocks.

This is going to be a bit more “risky” but the reward is greater and “faster”.

Look for pharmacy stocks that are (About) to get there medicin / drug FDA approved. Keep a eye on the news for that specific stock. If the drug does get FDA approved, penny stocks usally explode 25% to 75% on market open.

If the drug docent get FDA approved i would just leave it, dont risk shorting it.

But again, this is way against the way i invest (long term). But i do know people personally that make a fat living of penny stock trading.

I just reading about the use of Cannabis in medicine, not knowing the political stance on it, seems like since Biden is President elect things have changed and the share prices are starting to rise, is this what you are meaning?

@obrienciaran told me it was 100% impossible for compounding to happen unless you constantly sell and reinvest, because “unrealized gains don’t mean shit”. - Direct quote from him in a conversation we had.

This is what my legendary thread above was about.

He also told me trading 212 would go bankrupt if stocks could make compounding returns. I asked him in that thread to explain how this brankruptcy would happen but he never did.

This is also my approach. The goal now is to pay for my luxuries (newspapers, eating out, gym, Netflix etc.) from investing and go from there. If there comes a point I can eventually not touch my salary, so be it, but that’s down the line. I’d be very wary like yourself of people pushing the ‘get rich quick’ idea - but also curious as to their techniques - there could be something to pull from it…

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Explained multiple times in that thread. Classic @pipo all over again. Essentially it boils down to you’re not making gains on your gains until they are realised.

Say you have 100 dollars. You gain 100% and it becomes 200 dollars. It gains another 100% (total now of 200%), what does the figure on the app say your total portfolio value is now? 400 dollars? 300 dollars?..

But yes, unrealized gains don’t mean shit. Until the money is in my bank account, it’s just numbers on a screen.

Being totally honest I am approaching 40, and I think I have left it a little late to start “investing” for my future.

At your age (72) I would not be playing the stock market with as you say, limited funds and the fact you are new to it.

Spend the cash you have spare on yourself, or if you are intent on staying in you’d have to play a much more riskier game to make gains to make a difference to your life at this point surely?

Back to your question, and your timeframe available, I would be taking at least 50% of my substantial gains out to spend on myself at your point in life.

Obviously the above is just my opinion and I am in no real position to offer advice, as I am new to trading also. However I personally would only be risking spare cash at that age and having some fun and hopefully some rewards, I would not be not relying on it for anything substsanitial and would be spending those gains incase the market or that stock crashes.

I wish you all the luck in the world whatever you decide :slight_smile:

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Thanks Scott,
That is what I’m thinking, this is touching on the subject but a bit different, the other day I had a go on an online bingo my daughter plays on from time to time.
I only put £5 in my account, I played a few 10p games, after I played about 6-7 games I won £30.
i played a few more 10p games then I thought, I could keep going here and win more or take the £30 , so I did and transferred it to my bank, I kept the rest in to play.
I got down to £1.40 so I left that in my account and clicked off the site, I could see though how it could be addictive, you win a bit and try for more.

My friend.

You should look at penny stocks as i said eariler.

I think trading penny stocks would be more beneficial for you, in you’r case. (Timeframe wise)

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Thank you IO,
I appreciate the advice you and others have given, this is a good set of people on here, nobody has put me down as a newbie and everyone has been very friendly and explained some of my dumb questions lol.


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You can pm me any time of the day, and i’ll do my very best to help ya out.

Do not be afraid to ask dumb quistions, they are eaiser to handle then dumb mistakes

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One of my colleagues plays the penny stocks, pharma ones as you say and he has made some really nice gains. Probably ones I could of dream of one day.

He is also a gambling addict with a high risk tolerance and won’t be investing in a year once the luck has ran out.


I take it the Penny stocks are the AIM ones is that right?

Some are classed as penny stocks on AIM but not all.

Take for example Boohoo 294p

Penny stocks is an American term for anything under 5 dollars.

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