Tanker companies

Hi is it possible to get the following companies added?




Ofc which ones do you favour? Just saw these tweets describing them. I think we only have NAT on T212.

$DHT - Middle of the road pure play VLCC. Significantly de risked for 2020 but good upside. Little upside, little downside. Dividends.

$EURN - The blue chip. They profit from upside and will survive a bad market without major impairments.

$INSW - Very conservative. Trades cheap. Good outlook. Shareholders hate them for their dividend policy.

$DSSI - Conservative. Trades crazy cheap.

$FRO - Owned by shipping God. They levered up. Dividends could be massive if market sticks. Big problems if not. Made tons of money Q4 19-Q2 20.

$STNG - Deleveraging play. Massive FCF in a good market. Probably goes bankrupt in a bad market.

$NAT - Retail darling. The dumb money.

$TNK - Deleveraging play. Owned by $TK. Very good management. Disciplined. Massive FCF, lots of balance sheet improvement.

$ASC - Bugbee calls them Ardless. Well managed but small fleet. Good balance leverage / risk.

$PXS - Tiny fleet. Tiny float. CEO owns 81% of the float. Ignored and then super volatile.

$TNP - Management has been saving up for the apocalypse. Huge cash pile. Repairing balance sheet. Great charter coverage. Made good money last few quarters.

$OSG - Jones Act. Trades cheap

$NNA - Nobody trusts management. Skeletons in every closet. Mail man buried under the pool. But someone bought in March and made 300%.

$HAFNIA - Massive fleet. Owned by BW group. Similar play to $STNG but fewer skeletons and more attractive valuation.

$TORM - Another product tanker play. Don’t know as much about them but have heard good things.

$HUNT - Great charter coverage, better valuation. Great buy.

$OET - Market hates them for having 4 VLCCs on charter to Koch until 2024. Rest of fleet is new w/ scrubbers. They reallllly outperformed spot last Q. They will look smart if future outlook is indeed gloomy.

$ADSCME - I wish I could buy them. Tiny fleet. Yields will be gigantic.