Tax loophole with Pies question

Hello, I am a beginner but I am wondering on a potential tax loophole with Pies.
So, with a normal investing account you need to pay taxes after you sell a stock.
If you buy a pie that you manage yourself, and you buy and sell stocks in that pie, do you have to pay taxes after each stock sell?

Hi @Piplikoc

If you paid taxes on the trade out of a pie, you pay taxes on the trade in the pie. It makes no difference whether or not the trade is within a pie.

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Yes of course you do. I’m not a tax advisor but within the UK:

All these tiny buys and sells that pies do are so hard to keep record of, so if you can the ISA would save you a lot of time.

Remember you aren’t taxed on the first £12,300, so you don’t pay tax on those gains until after that.

If you’re not from the UK, try find a tax free account, and don’t make the accounting really difficult with many small purchases if you need to report it.

Hope this helps

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