Tax question on ISA


This is my first year trading and I’ve got a question on tax

If I had a ISA account and deposited 10k in one tax year and I made 5k on top of that through shares would this be taxed?

Bit confused with it all


Nope, any gains inside the ISA are yours to keep.

The ISA is like a box, you can put in up to £20k each tax year and what you make inside is yours to keep. No Capital Gains Tax. :+1:

Basically everyone should always be using their ISA allowance first. The only reason for using Invest is you have more than £20k to Invest and you’ve filled up the ISA allowance that year, or you want to play with OTC stocks which aren’t ISA eligible.


Brilliant thanks for your answer

In regards to over the counter stocks , randomly now and again on my statement of what I’ve bought the filled column sometimes says OTC on them

For instance fcel I’ve bought and sold a number of times sometimes it will say OTC and other times NASDAQ will this effect anything on taxes ? If so can I change the way I’m doing something ?

Seems like a market order is OTC and a limit is NASDAQ from the statements

New to it all so just trying to learn how it all works

I notice some stocks aren’t on the ISA only on invest are these the stocks your referring to ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to clarify OTC stocks as in Pink Sheets.

That’s that majority but they are other stocks which aren’t ISA eligible too.

However any stock you can search inside the ISA side is ok to buy and sell.

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Oh and to clarify the OTC on orders just means it was done off book. Instead of TOTV on the exchange.

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Thank you very much

Mind is at rest now feet up and let the stocks do their thing :slightly_smiling_face:

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