TCHEY (Tencent Holding)

Hi team,

Could we please get this stock added to the app? I’ve been wanting to invest in this company for a while as they have quite a big stake in esports!

No access to OTC or HK so :frowning_face:

There’s about thirty something threads asking the same.


ah didn’t realise :frowning: feels bad

It’s the largest holding in the vaneck vector gaming and eSports etf if you want to take a look into that. There’s also a bunch of other interesting holdings.

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brilliant I’ll look at this! Thanks!

SMT is worth a look too.

Has Tencent, Tesla and Spacex in its holdings, enough to make the average retail investor weak at the knees :sweat_smile:


I don’t think it has SpaceX in its holdings, unless it is listed under a different name.

Why you questioning me like that? :rofl:

Here’s your SpaceX on the list or as they’re less commonly known Space Exploration Technologies.

Always trust the :duck: right @Vedran? :wink:

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The Duck has spoketh. :drum:


Thanks. I actually thought it was a listed stock so I couldn’t find it on the list… :sweat_smile:

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If you want to invest in Tencent indirectly you could also take a look at Prosus there investing in multiple companies

Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world.
Prosus has meaningful investments in Tencent (; SEHK:00700), (; LSE:MAIL), International Limited (“Ctrip”) (NASDAQ:CTRP), and DeliveryHero (; Xetra:DHER).

In Dutch financial news they often note that via Prosus you can invest /own a piece of Tencent.

I am waiting to see what the :duck: suggests soon on his site…

Currently 3 out of 5 suggesstions from him either here or on his blog are doing quite well. I research his suggestions and then make my mind up.

Anything in the pipeline @Donaldo_Duckarelli?

Only one, but I haven’t actually got round to finishing it yet as Ive returned to work and were very very busy (still working through pent up demand). The ticker is THRC.

I was tempted to knock up some due diligence on Palantir and Snowflake though, if that would interest anyone?


Would be good actually. If you’re doing it anyway. :grin:

I looked into them actually. I’ve been contemplating the purchase for a while

Are you sure that is the ticker?
I have not been able to find anything with that ticker. Can you maybe tell me the name or what exchange it is on?

The closest match is TRHC, Tabula Rasa HealthCare Inc:

Palantir and Snowflake could be interesting, yes, but regardless of what company it is I will probably read the post/blog entry.

It’s TRHC. I made the mistake of trusting 212 had it right :unamused:

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I already ask Trading 212 to add Prosus (and several other European Stocks).

Here some additional information about Prosus: