Temporary BUY Restrictions on Illiquid OTC Penny Stocks

@chad5k1 The close-only mode on NLST has been lifted.

thanks, noticed it was in close only mode when it was up 40%, couldn’t buy more, ended the day at 65% up :roll_eyes: and now the limit is removed…

It’s happened again! First I lost money of kwbt and now when you guys JUST introduced some new penny’s, you’ve banned it again. Guys this is ridiculous and someone needs to be held accountable. Why can’t you guys just get your stuff together and let it be.

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Not sure if this is helpful or not, but does explain what’s happening and why.

Honestly read that link title the first time and thought you’d linked back to the first post in this topic.

And I thought that would’ve been genius. :smile:


Can you give any guidance on LTMCF? I understand Ocean Wall has spoken to you regarding them?

Still the limitation on IQST, very annoying as they are promising and I would like to add to my position before the thing really takes off, get´s uplisted and get´s expensive.
Market cap 75.13M with expected revenue 2021 in 60M and good results Q1 2021.

Any attempts to purchase QUANTUM COMPUTING (QUBT) result in the following error:

“Trading with this instrument is temporarily suspended. Please try again later.”

It has been this way for a while, is there any update on this? Also, what’s causing the error?

Thanks for the assistance!

IQST isn’t penny stock exempt;

The Float and Volume look okay but PSE is the first stage gate to get past and it doesn’t unfortunately.

@David @Team212

Can we get some updates on this situation. We understand this is solely on the intermediary but surely there has been some progress?

TLSS is a penny stock I own and wish to average down on but cannot buy anymore shares due to the restrictions.


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@David we are approaching 2 months without any official update. The word ‘Temporary’ now feels ‘Permanent’. I cannot understand how it is taking 2 long months to have this sorted. Please update us…


I’m afraid the situation has not changed. Nonetheless, rest assured, we’ve acknowledged the significance of the matter and will keep you posted, regarding any further developments., if any occur.

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Thank you for your prompt response, hopefully there will be a resolution soon.

I blame all this situation into GME movement and the fact that most of these stock went viral in Reddit and others social media platform. These restricted stock are available in any other broker, why? Because the bast majority of the volume came from Trading212. Is clear to me that because the regulations in UK are somehow less free than in USA the regulators have taken actions to restrict Trading212 from allowing their customer (us) from buying. When they tried to block GME, lots of USA politicians raised their voice and suddenly the stock was trading again. What is a shame is that after 2 months Trading212 hasn’t been capable of defending their position to come into an agreement to lift the blockages. At the end Trading212 and its customer are the ones who are loosing money in all this restriction…

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IQST filed audited 10K. Please now release restrictions on this

That wasn’t the issue.


As unpopular as this may be, I’m glad these restrictions are in place – if only to make clients think twice about the utter garbage they’re investing in. I, for one, hope restrictions remain in place to protect investors from themselves.

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Bet you’re the type that agree’s full fat Pepsi and Coke should be taken off menus, and footballers shouldn’t head the ball anymore as it can cause brain damage.

We live and learn by our mistakes, some of us like me have a position in these companies that if I lose I lose, its spare change, but I’d like the opportunity to purchase more and risk more if I wish, or sell up and get out also if I choose. People should be responsible for their actions not have a nanny state or other parties making decisions on their behalf.

The restrictions should only be in place if the SEC or other financial rules are broken or in breach and investigations are taking place, this is purely speculation on my part but it seems this is not the case and its more because the broker wishes to limit meme stocks or WSB or any other market fluctuation or hype train going on currently, to limit and cover their position not their customers.

If the restrictions were in place across all brokers and retail traders then fair play, it’s then a fair market, otherwise our broker is just hurting their customers, not protecting them for their own good as you say.


Luckily for you capitalism is at work and allows you to buy these stocks with other brokers, regardless of your current conspiracy theory.


Looking the graph, it seems a pump stock fast crashing to earth. Today -11%.