Tesla's Lithium Provider Stock Request

Hello, could I please request to add Ganfeng Lithium Co, ticker symbol 1772.HK, to the platform?

(It’s Tesla’s Lithium provider in China).

Thank you.

I made request for it 8d ago with other Lithium companies. They added BCN and LAC after so you can get exposure to Lithium with them.


@rbmusic I sincerely wish we could but Hong Kong stock exchange is out of our reach for now.

In the meantime, feel free to check out BCN, LAC & L&G Battery Value-Chain.


Thank you David. Yes, I’ve taken a position in L&G as some of their top holdings are Tesla, Samsung and Sony; and It seems to have a huge potential due to 5G phone and electrification sales.

@David What about 39EA:FRA? I thought you have access to Börse Frankfurt

@Ashige Unfortunately, the liquidity’s terrible & we won’t be able to ensure proper execution.

@David Fair enough, thank you for reply. Do you have any kind of time frames of implementation of Asian stock exchanges? Are you even considering such step?

@Ashige It’s just a matter of time. We’re already packed for the current quarter so I’d guess mid Q2, possibly even Q3 2020.