“the maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0”


When trying to buy a stock I get

“the maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0”

I understand what it means, but why is this done?


I think this occurs sometimes when you might have pending buy limit orders already set up.
I could be wrong - but i seem to remember this being the case.

This could be done due to several reasons. I think you might find this helpful:

Thank you for the link where the points below were listed

  1. Underlying market conditions - which include insufficient liquidity and unfavorable trading conditions.
  2. Control of exposure

I’m still unsure, would the points above refer to trading212, or to the end client/end user?

Yes this morning’s big opportunities are limited to 0, yawn.


These points are correct, we are using risk management mechanisms to ensure proper trading conditions & company exposure which complies with the regulations.

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Thank you,

would the points above refer to trading212, or to the end client/end user?

Would it not cause unfair trading, by allowing for example 0 buys vs 1000(plus) sells?

With the zero availability of buys, if all were to turn to sells would this hypothetically allow the stock price to go down?

I haven’t seen this on other trading platforms, but at the same time, some platforms, for example have removed trading for Wirecard (thank trading212 for still allowing this)

This is not a moan, more of a request to understand why it’s done? We know you can do it, as it’s outlined.

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Which stocks are limited today?

I’m personally watching INO quickly climbing to 10% since opening an hour ago, I’ve seen others discussing Wirecard on another forum. Scanned a few other common volatile stocks earlier but unsure if they’re still restricted.

@Martin, do you know if limits are on an account level (so varying between accounts) or are at the instrument level?

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I believe this on the instrument level

Would’ve thought so too. This thread made me query it - INOVIO’s Buy price

-edit: Potentially a cap at 500 shares? Haven’t seen this communicated anywhere but could explain it.

I think this refers to the spread, rather than quantity which I’ve raised here.

I believe here as you just edited, they may have limited the amount a person can buy. i.e each user maybe allocated a certain amount

Yes sorry, hijacked a bit, however see the later replies in that thread.

What is the current maximum traded quantity for bitcoin (BTC)? Is there anywhere I can access this information, either in the app or on the Trading 212 website?

I currently have 4.73 BTC and I can’t buy any more. I also have pending orders for 0.38 BTC. Are these pending orders considered when calculating the maximum remaining quantity?

@Supraman It’s increased to 10 now. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I used my Practice Account to figure out it was 3. Why was it as low as that?

@David, it seems that the maximum traded quantity for bitcoin (BTC) has been reduced again, but this time it’s only 1!

Can you set it back to 10 (or higher) again please?

@Supraman Yes, we’ve reduced it to control exposure.

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Will you be increasing it again any time soon?