Unable to place orders in CFD

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I am unable to place orders in CFD account for any instruments.


Started yesterday for crypto’s, so I put it down to the new FCA ruling being implemented, however Tesla for example shouldn’t have anyting to do with it.


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The post below will shed some light on your request.

Thank you @Martin for your prompt response, however I have to say I fail to see the issue with Tesla at this point in time. Could you possibly elaborate on what the issue here specifically is so it is clear to myself and everyone else? From an outside perspective, Tesla market seems completely ‘normal’ with no wild swings, strange volume activity, or otherwise.



There’s no issue here. The maximum long quantity has been lowered to 0.1 due to control of exposure. I think you might find the text below for helpful:

Maximum trading quantities for both long and short positions are subject to immediate change, without prior notice. It can depend on multiple factors such as:

  1. Underlying market conditions - which include insufficient liquidity and unfavourable trading conditions.
  2. Control of exposure

If you see the following message while trading "The maximum trading quantity is “0”, the reason will be a restriction for maximum traded quantity, which applies for some instruments and it can be dynamically variable over time.

Last but not least, Brokers have maximum exposures that they mustn’t exceed due to regulations & capital requirement laws. We can’t just accept unlimited orders for unlimited amounts anytime we’d like, especially with stocks that are almost impossible to hedge.

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Hi everyone, Im trying to add more shares on certain stocks
, for instance, NIO, Workhorse…etc but I’m not able to buy anymore…only I can sell… any idea why?



It’s a risk management function of Trading212.

I have the same problem. Last week I was able to buy any ammount of shares I wanted and now most are limited to extremly low amount and the rest is not available to buy at all

Same here, enough money only 5 pisitions open. Hope this is over soon. I can not trade


Cannot buy Tesla, Nvidia, Moderna, Gold, Netflex, …!!!

When would it return back to normal? I wanted to buy some shares in palantir and was just wondering when I would be able to ?

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Today completely ruined due to unable to place buy orders to minimize loses. When will you enable it back? its really annoying…

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I’ve been waiting on that move in Gold for a few months now… then when it happens… no service.

Waiting for a reply to my email to see if I have to sell all my stocks, or if I can just transfer them to a new provider.

T2W is clearly not up to the task

What is so special about today?

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Yep, could not buy anything at all - no crypto (I know they are ending this on here), no nio, nothing. All whilst the prices had all dropped so wanted to buy back in. Not the greatest. Contacted the help team and got the response they can vary stock availability etc

What is the point if im not able to long Gold to get my short’s… seems as if you can get caught for no reason.

Im new at this but still it seems as if the brokerage’s has an edge.

"I will only pay you x because of the buy price which is y, but no you can not buy for the y price from me.

Absolutely ruined my day today, can’t even buy any Monero. I haven’t even purchased this for months.

Really feels like T212 dropped the ball in this one. Can imagine a number of customers packing off elsewhere. A pity really as T212 was doing really well until this point. News spreads and it will likely take some time to earn people’s trust again. As for me, looks like Forex and ISA going forward, unless of course something there too inexplicably gets messed up.

Yh I am moving to capital now, trading 212 really messed up this time, I lost out on so many good opportunities, very disappointed

Dear @Martin, @David , can you tell me when it is possible again to place orders. Like this a cfd account doesnt have any use. Because i cannot buy anything for days now. Do i have to put more money in my account (4/5 is free en only 1/5 is blocked). How long will this stay like this?