This week’s 128 new fractional shares!

  1. 3i Group
  2. 3i Infrastructure
  3. AC Immune
  4. AgEagle
  5. AgeX Therapeutics
  6. Alcoa
  7. Align Tech
  8. Allied Healthcare
  9. Alpha Pro Tech
  10. American States Water Company
  11. AngioDynamics
  12. AO World
  13. Applied DNA Sciences
  14. Aptose Biosciences
  15. ARC Document Solutions
  16. Arrow Global
  17. Ashford Hospitality
  18. Assura
  19. AstraZeneca ADR
  20. Atreca
  21. AVEVA Group
  22. Ball Corp
  23. Benefytt
  24. Bill Com Holdings
  25. Biolase
  26. BioNano
  27. Borqs Tech
  28. Boxlight
  29. Briggs Stratton
  30. Brown-Forman - Class B
  31. Brown-Forman Class A
  32. Canadian Solar
  33. Capitala Finance
  34. Catalyst Pharma
  35. CBRE Group
  36. Check
  37. Church & Dwight
  38. Churchill Capital Corp III
  39. Clean Energy
  40. Codemasters Group
  41. Colony Capital
  42. CommScope
  43. Conoco Phillips
  44. Devro
  45. Diffusion Pharma
  46. Dignity
  47. Dixons
  48. Dolphin Entertainment
  50. Ebang
  51. ElectroCore
  52. Emmerson
  53. Empiric Student Property
  54. Equillium
  55. Everi
  56. Evolent Health
  57. Fevertree
  58. FireEye
  59. First Horizon National Corp
  60. FLIR Systems
  61. Flying Eagle Acquisition
  62. Garret Motion
  63. GasLog
  64. Gem Diamonds
  65. Globant
  66. Glu Mobile
  67. GoHealth
  68. Hasbro
  69. Hermitage
  70. Hikma Pharmaceuticals
  71. Hilton Worldwide
  72. HomeServe
  73. Homology Medicines
  74. Hostelworld
  75. HUYA, Inc.
  76. iHeartMedia
  77. Ilika
  78. Incyte
  79. Innovative Industrial
  80. Intec Pharma
  81. iShares MSCI World Value Factor
  82. iShares NASDAQ 100 CNX1
  83. Jaguar Health
  84. James Fisher & Sons
  85. Kainos
  86. KAZ Minerals
  87. Kopin
  88. Manchster United
  89. McCarthy & Stone
  90. MelodyVR
  91. Mondi
  92. Mylan
  93. nCino
  94. Newmont Mining
  95. NovaBay
  96. Novan
  97. Novartis ADR
  98. One Stop
  99. Osmotica Pharma
  100. Oxford Instruments
  101. Pan American Silver
  102. Peabody Energy
  103. Playtech
  104. Principia Biopharma
  105. Qutoutaio
  106. R.E.A. Holdings
  107. Rigel
  108. Sage Therapeutics
  109. Savills
  110. Seres Therapeutics
  111. Shanta Gold
  112. Standard Life Aberdeen
  113. SVB Financial
  114. Tandem DIabetes
  115. Team17
  116. TherapeuticsMD
  117. Tom Tailor
  118. Tonix
  119. Topps Tiles
  120. Trainline
  121. Tricida
  122. Truist Financial Corp
  123. WisdomTree NASDAQ 100 3X Daily Short
  124. Wrap Technologies
  125. Xaar
  126. Xeris
  127. Xtrackers Nikkei 225 GBX XDJP
  128. Xtrackers S&P 500 Inverse Daily XSPS

Looks a decent list.

Can we add:

Sandstorm Gold

To a future one?

Awesome list, there’s enough ingredients for a tasty pie :grinning:


At last one of my favourite stocks Assura is fractional a hidden gem of a share

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meh, when are we going to get new shares?
New shares > fr. shares


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Can you please add Fortress Value Acquisition Corp. (FVAC) as they are merging with MP Materials.

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Sherwin Williams please! They are one of the best performing stocks in the materials sector and they are currently $609 per share!


can we get discover financial as well as a fraction?

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Can you please add Box, Inc. Ticker BOX. it’s not even in the singles now…

can we add this as a pop up notification for the app like you get on freetrade for those who aren’t on the community sote

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Great list. Any chance of MorphoSys (XTRA:MOR) making this week’s list? :thinking: :crossed_fingers:

46,000 retail investors. They’re obviously doing something right.


Just watching their videos now…still all about that bounty!

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They’re doing a tremendous amount right. But they should (and I believe do) want to know what to do next for those investors and what they’re currently doing wrong.

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Could you elaborate a little further? Very new to looking into this type of royalty gold type share so don’t quite follow your message. Sorry.

What do they believe they are doing wrong?
I’ve only watched the videos on their site so aware it’s probably biased towards “great news” I mean their prediction for gold hitting $2,000 p/ounce sounds :clap:t2:

Are you an investor? If so, what would you like to see happen? (Hope that’s not too nosey, I’m very curious when learning a new stock/company)

I’m sorry, I think I might be at crossed purposes with you. Your reply to the duck was about Sandstorm Gold?

Sure was. Was yours about something different?

Definitely crossed wires (regular occurrence for me that is)

I do apologise. This one’s on me.

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Could we get

Analog devices

As fractionals


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Seattle Genetics (Nasdaq:SGEN) would be good to have fractional too.

I’ve noticed 70 new normal stocks have been added in the last day or so, could we have a list of them please?