This week’s 175 new fractional shares!

Legends! Thanks for the hard working making this list happen!


Great batch!: any chance of adding SGEN, YNDX and ALNY to next week’s please?

I actually can’t find Li Auto anywhere on my ISA account is it just CFD

What about BP,HRZN,TEF,CXW,CINF,CODI,ENG.MC,NLY,FSK next week ? Thank you in advance !

It’s not visible for ISA due to restrictions. You can find additional information here : Missing Stocks - TAL Eucation Group

Ah ok cheers Martin extra letters

AWESOME!!! Thank you!

thanks that’s great!
Would you be able to add NVCR anytime soon?

AWK, IP, GOOD would be a nice addition

Thank you for the ultra fast repsonse !

Great work thanks for update

@Martin, was hoping to have Roper (ticker: ROP) as I have been asking for it since March probably.

do you think we can have it soon as fractional?


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Ishares world momentum factor please :pray:

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+1 for ishares world momentum

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Awesome work as always! I do have a few more US shares which would be great:


sysco is already fractional

Good job team some good additions.

Nice work! Can Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited (XISHY) be added next week?

Same here!!! Roper is on mu wish list as well and I have also been waiting for it

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