Missing Stocks - TAL Eucation Group

TAL Eucation Group (ticker TAL) is missing it was there yesterday and I had recently invested in the stock.

Does anyone know why?

Just checked, it is present in the Invest account (but not in CFD).

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thanks. sorry let me clarify it’s not showing on the ISA account I use and have purchased the stock previoulsy.!

Yes I can see that now, although it is still on the list of ISA stocks.

Hopefully someone from the team can answer your query.

We performed an audit of the stocks we offer to check that they were all permitted in an ISA. Only stocks listed on HMRC recognised exchanges are allowed. In the case of ADRs, although they may trade on a recognised exchange, the underlying share has to as well. Unfortunately we identified a few cases where the underlying equity did not meet the requirements. We have to make sure you don’t inadvertently buy these in an ISA as the repairs are rather time-consuming. What we have done is to prevent any inadmissible shares being visible to ISA accounts, although you can of course trade these in an Invest account.

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Thanks for the update Nick. So those of us holding in an ISA, what’s going to happen? Hopefully this isn’t going to mess up subscriptions?

Once we have identified the stocks, we will be contacting any holders. The general rule is that we will arrange for the stock to be sold, and any profit moved to an Invest account (or returned to your bank). The cash invested can stay in an ISA. We’re still working out the exact details so apologies if I can’t go into too much detail.


Thanks for this. Out of interest, what happens if we’ve historically owned such positions in ISA but already sold it?

Hi thanks for clarifying.

Is there any way to give updates through notifications on the app or releasing/updating the stock list on these instead of just removing them to avoid confusion.

Can you confirm, is NIO effected by this?
What will happen to losses from forced sales?

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Ngl im pretty disappointed to see KTOV gone from the ISA. Can we have a list of stocks removed please?

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You’re disappointed that stock you can’t hold in an ISA isn’t available in an ISA?

I feel more disappointment may be on the horizon…

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