Ticker ACCMF request

Hi @David @Rumen
Ticker “ACCMF” AAC Clyde Space on OTCMKTS
Can we get this added asap please.
Thank you

@David @Rumen polite reminder

I don’t think they will be able to add it, it’s trading volume is tiny.

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@David @Rumen another polite reminder

@Joey_Fantana any chance you can add this to you daily list please.

Hi @NickLeeson

Yeah no worries, will do on Monday, but as @Mr_Moose said, the avg volume of it isn’t the highest so it may not fit the liquidity criteria required.

Have you checked it’s available on IBKR?

EDIT: Just checked and it doesn’t appear to be available on IBKR so there’s your problem;


Ok cheers for checking it out for me. Didn’t think to look on IBKR first