To T212 staff: how are new stocks/ETF additions being considered or prioritized? Is it random?

Hey T212 team,

There’s a lot of requests for new tickers to be added here. I see some are added quite quickly but some are seemingly… ignored? I think a lot of us would love to understand the process behind it and if there are additional guidelines or information to be considered.

For ETFs we know it has to be UCITS compliant with a KIID document, plus available for retail.

Do you give priority to IPOs or requests with a lot of interest? How is that gauged?

I’ve been searching for existing topics and adding my requests as a reply as to not add more noise to the already messy subforum, but should we just make new topics each time for a new request to get visibility?

Should we be tagging certain people? @David @Martin @PeterA :wink:

Would like to understand, thank you. :slight_smile:


Coincidentally, I just made a very similar post.