Criteria that need to be met for stocks to be added

Afternoon all.

Does anyone know the criteria that a stock or ETF needs to meet, in order to be added to the platform?

I’m aware that ETFs need to be UCITS compliant, and securities need to be available on the Interactive Broker platform, in which they can be slow adding non US stocks.

I’m a bit unclear on others and thought if we had clarification, it might reduce the requests for stocks that don’t meet criteria, so that other stocks that can be added, get more attention quicker?

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A FAQ about requests will help a lot and save some time for everyone, including T212.

Or a full “Requests Policy” from T212.

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Agreed. Probably even some in-app function, like “Suggest a stock by ISIN” could be added when the Search tab displays “No results found”.

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Also a “Make It Fractional” function will be nice.

The Prosus stock for example, is so much asked to be made fractional for so long time, and it is still to be made.

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Haha, that’s right! Or even better - send a fractional request for a stock whenever someone tries to add it to a pie. :slight_smile:

That could be an automatic request, even without any human intervention made by the investor. T212 would know the most requested and by date.

Your “Suggest a stock by ISIN” function could also let T212 know the most requested and by date.

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