Trading 212 Corporate Information

Recently I saw relevant news about Trading 212, but I didn’t saw any official or unofficial information in here. And don’t had any official communication or notification about it.

Maybe for some is old news, as it’s news published on March 22nd, but for some could be as it was for me, it was a surprise to know this important event, and by an accident.

It could be interesting and relevant to know more about our financial services provider.

→ This topic could be about relevant corporate news related to Trading 212.


Odd there was another thread someone started about this. I can no longer find it, but the reasons for leaving seemed sound to me.

Similarly, your bank or whatever don’t contact you as a customer if they change directors, so don’t see why this needs to be different?

Edit* Found it - Nicholas Luke Saunders

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Well it depends.

Companies give a public official statement on relevant matters. Specially the public-listed and/or financial institutions.

The most valued asset financial institutions have is trust and other sectors as well, but is more important in the financial sector.

I suppose in UK, the financial regulators must be informed about financial institutions’ relevant information. Although in the last decades, the UK financial regulators have drop the ball (lately I have read some UK financial scandals).