Trading 212 CEO / Directors

A genuine suggestion, be interested if anyone else agrees. Can we hear more / see more of the trading 212 senior management? A regular blog perhaps or even better a video series just to hear how they see Trading 212 developing. And tell us about yourselves, your background and what your role involves. It would help us to feel more confident investing with 212. And help to feel like we are on the journey together. For example is Ivan still around, he’s been quiet for a few months? I can see staff members from 212 commenting on here and that’s great, but the odd contact right from the too would be good. It would be great to put some faces to the brand that’s all. Thanks


With all the things that have been going on with trading 212 recently, the good and the bad, it would be great to hear from leadership and know that everything is still on track!


+1 :+1:
Or some kind of high-level 2021 roadmap at least, might be a nice assuring future perspective. :v:


Would be nice to know who actually is managing the broker I am using for my investments!

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Or some tweets, Elon Musk style, u kno?..

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They appear to be impartial so I wouldn’t hold your breath

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Hopefully someone from 212 will see the comments :slight_smile:

They probably saw it, just not responding

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A great idea, although the senior management should be focused on driving the business forward etc. but a monthly or even quarterly video on YT or blog post would be a great way of communicating with clients.

I also like the idea of the staff having a couple of min segment on what they do with the company, who they are etc.

Hopefully someone for T212 can comment on this idea.


Like the TradingView blog. They are very active with announcing and explaining new features.


Many of most recent/modern cryptocurrency or DeFi companies are doing AMA sessions very often, that might be something very interesting to see from T212.
But maybe not from the CEO / managers if they just sound like any other banker out there :man_office_worker:t3: