Transfer positions?

Is it possible to transfer positions in and out of Trading212 (stocks and ETFs)? If not, why? Is it on roadmap and what’s the ETA?

I want to start using Trading212, but this is a key feature for me as I don’t want to be locked into any platform, and I don’t want to “transfer my positions” trough sell/buy.


@JChris In-specie transfers should be available sometime in Q3.


Hi David, is this mean also that I would be able in my Investing account (not ISA and not UK) to transfer single stocks or the whole portfolio from another broker to T212?

Thanks David, can you give us a perspective of how much it will cost? Transfer into t212 would be free on t212 side? Transfer out of t212 would cost a fixed amount on t212 side?

@Francesco Yes, exactly, you’d be able to transfer stocks from & to any broker, probably fee-free.


@JChris It’ll almost certainly be free.


Perfect! Looking forward to it :+1:

Hi David, has there been any progress? I read on the forum that in specie would be available by 3Q2020. I am looking to invest more with Trading212, but am hesitant right now, since I will never be able to move the shares anywhere without liquidating.


can you please stop posting the same question on every thread you can find about the same request?

Hey @David , I just wanted to check if in-specie transfers are still planned to come by September or if there is a delay on it. Thanks for all the other features of the past couple of months :v:t2:


@Francesco Deadline for the mass rollout has been extended until the end of the year. We’ll probably start doing “practice/beta” transfers before that.


Thanks @David . Please consider me for a practice transfer. :v:t2:

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@David is this landing the same time with SIPP?

I want to at least transfer one of my SIPP accounts, that is on a well known big broker, that I completely lost hope with. We can do a “practice 100k transfer” :heart:

@kali Probably before SIPP.

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Also interested to be part of the beta testing group for assets transference :slight_smile:

Hey @David

Im also looking forward to test this out,
Transferring in-out.

Your mail support told me that this was not planned but as i can see from this thread its planned to let us transfers our stocks to another broker ?


Very interested. I will keep an eye on this :heart_eyes:

Hello @David,

Is in specie transfer still going to happen? I have a portfolio on Lynx that I would like to transfer on my T212 account. What will happen to my stocks which are not yet listed (Tencent, Albioma)?
Thank you

Keep us informed when it is really available ! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Hi @David, is the roll-out still planned for year-end? I am not sure we have had any news since end of August.