Most requested features survey

@TsotFin You’ve mentioned the bullet points and I have added some more:

  • multicurrency account
  • stock screener
  1. Export current holdings as csv,
    Export transaction and dividend data as csv :white_check_mark:

  2. Notify gross amounts of dividends, withholding tax deducted, number of qualifying shares :white_check_mark:, and use sufficient decimal places to avoid confusion that arises from rounding. In pipeline according to statement

  3. In specie transfer to and from other brokers. See here.

  4. Notifications or alerts when new instruments are added

  5. Move instruments in and out of pies :white_check_mark:

  6. Pies within pies
    See some of the teams’ plans here and here

  7. Create pie from watchlist, and create watchlist from pie

  8. Copy watchlist from Invest account to ISA account and vice versa

  9. Sort pie holdings list by name, value, result and result (%)

  10. Move to instrument details page with single press on instrument in pie holdings list

  11. Toggle between “% / target %” and “number shares” as shown beneath instrument name in pie holdings list

  12. Delete a goal from a pie when no longer wanted. :white_check_mark:

  13. Provide users with an easy way to check current exchange rates

  14. Make it possible to drag mouse, copy and paste information from screen when using web platform [Interestingly, this is possible in one place already: the position history for an instrument - it is useful for copying the quantity of shares owned.]

  15. Facility to roundup or rounddown a fractional share holding to a whole number

  16. Provide segregated views of holdings in the same instrument that are held in and outside pies [exists in phone app, but need a way to show this in desktop, and also to know which pie(s), in case instrument is held in more than one pie]

  17. Show sell price in app even when no shares have yet been purchased :white_check_mark:

  18. Graphs of historic values for pies

  19. Ability to open desktop and phone platforms simultaneously (Android).

  20. Fix desktop app so it works in Chrome/Edge on touch screen tablet (presently impossible to perform many functions with finger press, such as changing watchlist in view - noticed on Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 2 devices.) :white_check_mark: (problems no longer apparent in new desktop app)

  21. Limit orders for fractional shares

  22. Remove the minimum distance requirement between a limit order price and market price :white_check_mark:

  23. New notifications should be dismissed simply by opening the notification panel of phone app, rather than by requiring a press on each of them one by one. [This already happens on desktop]

  24. Implement a pop up warning that profit will be affected by exchange rate on the first occasion that a user starts to buy an instrument that is not priced in their base currency.

  25. Implement an automatic warning to appear if a user is setting a limit price or stop price whose effect will be to create an immediate market order. This is likely a mistake and it would be helpful to protect users from such.

  26. Improve charts in various ways. Several people have requested a 5 min scale. :white_check_mark:Improve control of vertical scaling so charts are not cropped or squashed. Preserve charts settings and user annotations when swtiching between mobile and web. Provide more extensive data history, not just since instrument was added to the platform

  27. Trailing stop losses in Invest and Isa accounts.

  28. Dividends should be converted to base currency using exchange rate pertaining on the payment date rather than ex-dividend date. :white_check_mark:

  29. Increase or remove limit of how many charts can be open at the same time on desktop. See here.

  30. Improve search for stocks whose ticker is 1 or 2 characters. O, CL, FL, J etc are presently hard to find.

I am sure others can think of things that have been frequently suggested. The thing is, the list gets long very quickly. Trading 212 staff are probably keeping a list that is much longer than the above.

From memory, Trading 212 staff have written this forum that the following features are on the way: 1, 2, 3, 5 :white_check_mark:, 6, 9, 10, 12 :white_check_mark:, 14, 17 :white_check_mark:, 18, 19, 20 :white_check_mark:, 21, 22 :white_check_mark:, 28 :white_check_mark:, 29.

:white_check_mark: above note features now present on web or in Andoid app as appropriate.

It is certainly the case that many features are requested multiple times, often by community members who have not bothered to search to see if that particular feature suggestion has already been made, and if Trading 212 staff have perhaps already said that it is