Transfer Shares between accounts

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Is there any way to transfer Shares from my account to my wife’s account? IE gifting them???

Is there a form I can fill in to do this? Or is the only way to sell the shares in my name, transfer funds out to my bank account, transfer money to her bank account, then for her to add money to her 212 account?

It is possible to transfer funds between 212 accounts in different names?




There is no way you can give shares to someone.

That’s basically the only way.

I am not 100% sure about this, but it is not possible.

It would indeed be very nice if this were possible in Trading 212, as it is on AJ Bell and Interactive Investor platforms (probably Hargreaves Lansdown too). It means you can keep the same capital gains cost basis when transferring shares to a spouse and have no CGT event, whereas selling out in one account and buying in the other triggers a capital gains tax event in the first account and resets the basis at the purchase price in the second account.

AJ Bell will do it for you on the basis of a single secure message. Interactive Investor makes you fill in a stock transfer form.

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Thanks to you both.

What you mention Richard is exactly the situation I’m trying to avoid.

Plus CGT is very much in the news with regards to changes in allowances and rates.


Exactly. If CGT becomes taxed at income tax rates it will be very helpful if one can easily gift shares from the spouse who is taxed at 40% to the one who is taxed at 20%. Other brokers seem to manage this with little fuss. I really hope Trading 212 can do so too. AJ Bell say

To gift shares to a member of your family (for instance, transfer an investment to your spouse, civil partner or children), you’ll need to log in to your account and send us a secure message. The message should detail the investment(s) you want transferred, and confirm the transfer is a gift. For investments transferred as a gift, stamp duty isn’t payable.”

So simple.


I think I might just send them a message tomorrow and see what’s possible. I can but try. Lol.

Do send them. I have asked before. They should understand that it is important to many investors. The absence of this facility is one reason not to transfer away from their competitors.

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Hi Richard, no luck unfortunately. Same answer as before.

I’m going to post it in the “new features” section as well to keep the pressure on.



Any update on if this has been added? I can’t see any way.

We should request this as a feature, as sounds really useful.

I concur and support this too.