Trying to find my Isa account number

I’m transferring my isa account to trading 212 platforms while filling out the authority form a section reads trading 212 Isa account number.
I haven’t made any transactions into my trading 212 account yet and I can’t also find the isa account number.
Can anyone help me to find my Isa account number.
I sent the help team an email and haven’t received any reply.

This can be obtained by either emailing directly the ISA Team,

They will also provide you with detailed instructions on how which forms need filling out.

Remember to always use a ISA Transfer form when transferring previous years subscriptions.
If you are using your current years subscription (£20,000) then a normal transfer will do.

Alternatively the account number can be seen by going into “deposit funds” section, select bank transfer. And the reference code will be your ISA Account number.

To be safe though, just send an email.

Any queries, add them to the email to Trading212.

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Thanks very much will reach out to the now this has been so helpful

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Your welcome.
If you have any other questions make sure to utilise the search functionality of the forum, 99% of the time an answer is around.
Happy trading :slight_smile:

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