UK Investment Trusts for 2022

Oh and BTL agent fees are usually from 10% of the rental income, for this they will collect the rent and perform a 6 monthly inspection. Tenant finders fees and contract renewal are usually 1 off fees, my agent charges half a month’s rent as a finder’s fee and a flat fee for and around £150 for contract renewal.

Hi Angus, thank you so much for your information. It’s a great help. Maybe BTL is not a suitable option for me at the moment as you mentioned that so many things needed to be consider and I won’t have the time to deal with it, but it’s really good to know . Thank you.

How have your thoughts progressed on this. Are you still going ahead. Would be interesting to track. In particular if you take advantage of any discount/premiums.

For example clean energy is the in thing right now, and the majority of the renewable infrastructure investment trusts trade at a premium. That might not always be the case, or the NAVs may be out of date.

Take the Thomas Lloyd Energy Impact. I didn’t have funds to take part in its IPO on a more expensive broker, yet it’s now trading at a 17% premium even though it didn’t fill its initial IPO.

It’s not even generating revenue yet IIRC.

hi Dougal, I was meant to look at this at the weekend but my children had other plans for me.

I’m interested to look at the morningstar x-ray feature topher mentioned - I’m hoping that will highlight crossover between different ITs, and I understand the NAV is important when looking at these things. I was also going to consider market capitalisation of ITs as well (I was quite used to skipping ETFs under a certain size in my passive pie.)

I’m wondering about diversification for my IT pie - something I coped with quite well with my passive/ETF pie; be it geographic, sector or market (dev/em) based however I’m not sure you can quite look at it like this with ITs as ITs are more discretionary in that they are actively managed by someone. Nevertheless, the aic seem to categorise IT so I presume to factor that in too to my decision making. Someone (you?) mentioned limiting exposure to private equity to 5% of the portfolio - I’m wondering how to decide on allocating the other 95% …

I’m not interested in trending themes, it’s all about success for me - I’ll buy coal mines if I think they are going to do well :slight_smile: For sure some of the ITs I have browsed have high premiums; that some aren’t generating revenue as well is interesting however I’m not going to jumping on fear of missing out - good luck to all those that are in already!

I’ll come back here once I’ve had a look into things, I’d appreciate any feedback, thanks for following up :+1:

Oh I see that MorningStar’s x-ray tool is just for mutual funds. seems to present all the data I would use to help decide what to invest in.

That’s odd, perhaps they’ve made changes, it definitely used to work for trusts and ETFs as well.

Here’s my first stab at an IT PIE, I’ve put some workings here

Not sure how this will copy/paste, let’s see:

AIC Interesting Sectors Investment Trusts
Global Global 40% 47% 20% FCIT F&C IT
20% MNKS Monks IT
Global Smaller Companies 5% 5% SSON Smithson IT
Global Emerging Markets 2% 2% JMG JPMorgan Emerging Markets
North America 10% 14% 10% JAM JPMorgan American
North America Smaller Companies 4% 2% JUSC JPMorgan US Smaller Companies
2% BASC Brown Advisory US Smaller Companies
Europe Europe 9% 12% 9% JETG JPMorgan European Growth
European Smaller Companies 3% 3% ESCT European Smaller Companies
UK UK all companies 8% 11% 8% MRC Mercantile
UK Smaller Companies 3% 3% ASL Aberforth Smaller Companies
Japan Japan 5% 7% 5% BGFD Baillie Gifford Japan
Japanese Smaller Companies 2% 2% BGS Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon
Asia Asia Pacific 2% 3% 2% SDP Schroder AsiaPacific
Asia Pacific Smaller Companies 1% 1% SST Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies
Gamble Private Equity 3% 6% 3% HVPE HarbourVest Global Private Equity
VCT Generalist 3% 3% OAP3 Octopus Apollo VCT
100% 100% 100%
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