UK Banks to invest

I’ve used the dip in uk bank stock last year to get a small hold on shares. I brought into Lloyds, Barclays, Nat West and Santander.

I’ve been considering condensing the four into two and wondered what members favoured the most? My thoughts are to stock with just Lloyds and Barclays but welcome any thoughts.

All are up at present.


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Starling Bank - you can gain exposure through Investment Trusts.

Not heard of them. Not on T212 either I don’t think

They’re not listed, hence you need exposure through Investment Trusts. CHRY and SMT have small positions.

Does SMT hold Starling?
Can’t see it in holdings as at 31 Jan (BG site).

I got loyds and barclys but at the bottom of dip still buying now think it’s called cost averaging and waiting for them to climb witch they will and with the reinstatement of dividends should turn a pretty penny for me.

It’s worth consolidating @davey, I’d say four banks is overkill. Personally, I’d also take a look at banks outside the UK, such as HDFC, which operates in emerging markets, and, as @Dougal1984 suggests, try to invest in some of the disrupters.

Aside from within funds, I don’t hold any banks any more. HSBC and LLOY were my top two picks but, in a stroke of great luck, I sold both in January last year. I’m bearish on the long-term future of traditional banks because I think their business models will face an awful lot more disruption.

Good point, confusing them with holdings in Transferwise, so technically not a bank.

I’ll go back to the pub, no wait its still shut…

Well I am no help to you as the only UK bank I own now is HSBC, and that is because its Asia focused and pivoting more so there. Since I last looked at all UK main banks (not challenger banks) Lloyds was my pick over Natwest/Barclays.

Warren Buffet lives on Bank Stocks. :laughing:

Good idea to go into different Areas of Banking as the typical ones may not transition very well.

He did sell a lot of banking stock in recent quarter though, but still has fair amount especially with AXP factored in (many overlook as a bank stock which I believe it is technically).

I think UK bank exposure is good, also some international too including US and asia/EM although that last one is trickier.

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I was looking into Bank of Montreal which looked good on the surface with a small PE Ratio and a steady increasing Balance sheet but the share price seems to not move hardly over the last few years which is a concern when you take Inflation into account.

Potentially it would be a good Stock to buy over the long term due to the lack of movement but I think that is the only thing putting me off. Plus the Fx Fees coming in next month will just kill my interest entirely.

Bank of Montreal may be one of those stocks where you place the FX as the primary factor in determining profits.

its stable enough and while growth alone doesn’t amount to enough, if you can see the FX trends going in your favour then there is still lots of potential for decent returns.

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What are these FX fees coming in next week? I know there’s a currency exchange rate that impacts conversion but is there another separate fee?

Don’t worry found it