Unable to short Top winning stocks

Why can I not short stocks that are in the top winners category? Such as Pain Reform. Any explanation would be good?

Several possible reasons including shorts disabled because of risk or no stock available to loan and naked shorts aren’t allowed (but I’m just speculating as to some possible reasons simple answer is that I don’t know)


Hey, @Mattz - CFDs have specific limits on the available trading quantities for both short and long positions due to the leverage involved.

We aim to review all instruments regularly, and limits can vary based on the underlying market conditions. If an instrument shows unusual behaviour, the quantities may be adjusted periodically to accommodate those changes.

Here’s where you may learn more :point_right: link.

Can you also review the min quantity because for some companies it equates to over $1000 and for other companies its a few $.

Do you have a specific instrument in mind?

There are plenty of examples. I don’t use cfd very much and thus its not a big issue for me but companies such as amd, tsm, asml, iii… all have high minimum quantities. It should be easy for you to run a query that returns the min quantity value for all companies ordered highest to lowest to review those with the highest min quantities

We are planning a bulk revision of trading quantities, but it may take some technical time.

I’ll keep you posted, nonetheless.