Unusually large spreads

Hello i just wanted to say that i have tried multiple trading platforms like Etoro ,metatrader 5 and for cfd’s plus500, i have to say that that for stocks the platform is among the best , fast orders no commision not any fees , but i have to say that cfd spreads seems to high for me for stocks with high volatility and large market cap like Pltr and Amd for example

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Agree with you. 212 does have a big spread.

I like to trade daily charts though. Takes a bit more to close but analyses are way more solid due to less market noise and it makes spread almost irrelevant. ^- ^

I’m a fan of 212 and I love the platform, but I’m using another broker now because of the forex spread. It’s crazy big.

Still hanging around and waiting for the low spread to come back (hope it will), so I can start using 212 again.

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What platform did you switch to?

A small Bulgarian broker (I like to give a chance to the brokers in my country). I’m still experimenting with others too. There are always pros and cons, but for a Bulgarian 212 is the best… was the best.

The difference between the buy and sell price for Senvion is huge, around 20%. Presumably this is the same for any broker but seems strange that it’s consistently 0.05 euros below the buy price. I would’ve thought there would be periods of liquidity where the sell price was a lot closer to the buy price.

This probably reiterates the request that I’ve seen many times, to make the sell price easily visible on the buy page, whether you own stock or not.

My fault for not checking the sell price before buying, but that can be time consuming when you’re sending a pie order containing lots of different companies.

Just checked and the spread is correct.

The SELL price is under instrument details.

Sorry, I was talking about the mobile app, where the sell price isn’t clearly visible at the top until you own shares in that company

Yeah it would be nicer at the top, I’m sure I’ve seen other threads mention the same.

At the moment it’s under that Instrument details.

Any reasons why it’s so big? The difference is like 1 USD while the price VIX itself is only ~17 USD. After investing only 500 EUR it straight away gave me negative -100 EUR

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I wonder why is the Cocoa15Sept21 so damn high (more than 3%), specially for such a liquid product and when the Cocoa09Nov21 spread is only 0,5%! Is this spread the same for everyone or only on my account?

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This is crazy large of a spread!!

What’s happened here?

Picked up an odd price pre opening?


I’ve had this happen before with OTC stocks when buying between 1pm and 2.30pm. I suppose it makes sense for the spread to be wider.

Spreads are the markups individual companies through their various algorithms decide to lump on. Its how they make money, and I think T212 sadly is on the heavier side of the larger spreads than that of competitors.

Whilst its is ‘free’ to do trades, we are paying for it massively in the inflated spreads. Sadly this is not good. I am looking at other platforms now, as T212 system didnt work when I referred a friend who did load up and did use the link given. But the advice was ask the friend to contact us…

Its been really good up to date has T212, and I’ve lost lots of money with them, but sadly i think the spreads, change of tools on the app, and buggy links are making me think again, and am sure it is others too.

yep its crazy… very frustrating on day trades.

Not on shares you’re not. Only on CFDs.

Where does this myth come from? I’m pig sick of correcting it.

Yea they do. Different companies will have different spreads from what I understand. I get it and that’s fine.

Yes maybe on cfd only.

Happy to be wrong. But it’s what even the companies say so not sure it’s necessarily bad. Just think some companies have bigger spreads and use it to advantage more.

A spread betting company is something very different from a broker.

A broker is absolutely not allowed, in any case, to inflate spread.

A CFD broker is far more akin to spread betting indeed; they are not selling shares, but a custom financial product, of which they have far more control over its pricing.

But on the shares sides, that’s a big no no. The spread comes from the market book.


I mean you read the policy when you signed up right?

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