Unusually large spreads

Yes, although that seems to match the Ask (Sell) price. Coinbase Pro also shows a single figure. I’ve just watched it for a few minutes and it usually matches either the buy or the sell price, although sometimes neither. I wonder if it shows the price of the most recent market order, either before or after it’s fulfilled. I guess you could say that’s the “actual price of the stock” or at least the most recent price so it’s likely that you were correct all along! Sorry!

Yes, that’s very much what Coinbase Pro looks like.

The next thing I need to understand is whether there is a single global order book for each stock or whether each exchange has its own. If the latter, are they completely independent, and if not, don’t the prices vary considerably?

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Plus500 is the one I’ve been eyeing too. IG seems decent but the price is putting me off big time. 15 dollars to enter and exit a trade, plus a spread, plus nightly holding fees! I’ll take a look at F1Trades, cheers.

Btw, can somebody confirm who uses the invest side only confirm that all the recent madness is solely on the CFD side? i.e. the widening spreads, heightening interest, inability to close positions, positions closing automatically etc. I’m moving funds over to the invest side as I think I’m correct in saying that’s relatively problem free? I’m only looking elsewhere for a CFD broker.

I am new to trading and using both invest and CFD. Not happy with CFD, not allowing me to buy almost any of the popular stock I would like to buy. 0 available for the long position.

Happy to explore better alternatives! thanks

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Yes, no issues on the invest side of things.

I’ve had issues with Invest/ISA (many others have too you can search via the forum). Execution at times can be very slow from minutes-hours (longest i experienced was no execution after 24 hours). Cancelling orders haven’t been instant, and when informed it’s cancelled it has then executed my order.

Understandably the spreads are much better on either platform, and more variety of stocks.

Is nothing sacred!!!

Are they not using the same charts??
I took this seconds apart. And clearly those are significantly different numbers.

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The two you’ve posted are different stocks. Read titles.

Has anyone been refunded for the losses we incurred due to the spreads?

@David said we couldn’t open longs as “the market only seems to be going one way”.

The leverage was lowered from 1:5 - 1:2 so twice the risk instead five times the risk. Great for company.

Trades booted out resulting in profits for t212 as margin calls flying everywhere.

Swap fees pretty much doubled in costs overnight again great profits for company.

Cannot open long positions of any value so the money we lost we know the markets heading in an upward trajectory and cannot recoup our losses (£1000s in my case for one day) from leverage albeit a lower leverage but still, leverage is leverage.

Only allowed to open short positions with crazy spreads so pretty instant losses.

Execution times slow so could go either way of what price you’d get depending on where the spreads where at point of execution.

Certain markets closed now that where usually open to premarket trading beforehand.

Question for @Team212 @David @George

What was the loss ratio % down to if average figure is 80%?

Was the market closed during COVID when the market was just going south?


I use IG (amazing platform but expensive charges) and CAPEX (excellent fees but okish platform and limited market). I’m Also in and out of etoro.

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Yeah the IG fees seem prohibitive. I’ll check out CAPEX thanks.

I read a lot of negative reviews for Plus500. Let me know if you find something good please.

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I left Etoro completely as I found it a poor platform to use and navigate but also the minimum trades leaving you some cash in account sitting idle until you either closed trades to accumulate a bigger pot or deposited more to make use of it.

That coupled with the 1000s of messages happening there per day sealed it for me.

I agree, I don’t like etoro either. I trade some specific stocks

You think that is absurd??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Watch this

@ABtrade have an ask on here and see what they think

Can any body tell me why the spreads are so wide today on al currencies.

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I have the same question. When does the spread change back to normal? I especially mean the Indexis.

in CFD mode I’m guessing?

nobody knows when things will go back to normal but, as it stands at the minute this is the new normal

Anyone else getting these crazy spreads?? Don’t have the option to get out :joy:

Huge volatility = bigger spreads.
T212 don’t set this for invest/isa accounts, and it’s illegal for them to make money on this.
For CFD they do apply a percentage spread, all brokers do.

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