Upcoming earnings tab is unreliable

MTCH is due to report earnings tonight but it’s not showing on the Upcoming Earnings tab, is there a criteria which is used to put shares into this tab as some seem to be missing? Also stocks appear even though the earnings have come out already (eg: google still there after earnings last night), I don’t think anyone would use this tab as the data is unreliable and would need cross checking elsewhere.

also I think this tab could be improved by:

  1. Showing the date of the earning will occur (eg: 04/02/2020 after close) , they seem to be in date order but it’s not clear what date the earnings will occur.
  2. Showing the estimated and reported earnings figures

@trader787 We’re only displaying the most popular & trendy stocks on the watchlist, that’s why there might be a few missing.

As for the improvement suggestions, we’re actually building a brand new feature to track earnings which will include both of your requests.


ok cool. thanks for the reply, I guess we have differing opinions on what a ‘popular and trendy’ stock is, MTCH certainly has more volume than some on the list but not a big deal.

look forward to earnings tracking feature. - cheers.

For the upcoming features, is there any public beta? or are they tested only internally? I’d be interested in participating in beta program (Android).

@victor There’s no public beta, these types of features are tested only internally.