Upcoming earnings tab is unreliable

MTCH is due to report earnings tonight but it’s not showing on the Upcoming Earnings tab, is there a criteria which is used to put shares into this tab as some seem to be missing? Also stocks appear even though the earnings have come out already (eg: google still there after earnings last night), I don’t think anyone would use this tab as the data is unreliable and would need cross checking elsewhere.

also I think this tab could be improved by:

  1. Showing the date of the earning will occur (eg: 04/02/2020 after close) , they seem to be in date order but it’s not clear what date the earnings will occur.
  2. Showing the estimated and reported earnings figures

@trader787 We’re only displaying the most popular & trendy stocks on the watchlist, that’s why there might be a few missing.

As for the improvement suggestions, we’re actually building a brand new feature to track earnings which will include both of your requests.


ok cool. thanks for the reply, I guess we have differing opinions on what a ‘popular and trendy’ stock is, MTCH certainly has more volume than some on the list but not a big deal.

look forward to earnings tracking feature. - cheers.

For the upcoming features, is there any public beta? or are they tested only internally? I’d be interested in participating in beta program (Android).

@victor There’s no public beta, these types of features are tested only internally.


What is upcoming earnings telling?

@Avinash how much a business makes in revenue over a certain period of time. You either make or lose money. Making money makes investors happy and they invest more, driving stock prices up.
Different businesses have different earning dates. Sometimes before market opens sometimes after.