Upcoming Reduction in Margin Requirements on CFD Stocks

On Tuesday, the 6th of April 2021, we’ll be reducing the margin requirements for the following CFDs on stocks to 20% (1:5) for retail and 5% (1:20) for professional clients.

Email and in-app notifications regarding this change are currently on their way. :slight_smile:


Finally, I waited 4 months for this.

Does this mean it will be as in the old situation! Yes, finally we can trade again!!!

This is indeed a great news! Does it also mean that spread will back to it’s “normal” level?

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@Lena @Tawo Yes & yes. Trading conditions (margin, spread, overnight interest) will be back to their usual state.
The close-only mode is being lifted for about a few dozen stocks each day.

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Thank you very much for confirmation. Finally! :slight_smile:

@David I notice the spread and interest for Forex is the same, is that not going to change?